40 DIY Crafts for Teen Girls

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Not only is crafting a wonderful hobby, it is also fun and you get a really good feeling that you have made something awesome when you are done.

Rather than spending a lot of money to keep you occupied through things like going out and many more, crafting is a good way to show people how creative you can be. If you need some basic crafting ideas, below are 40 simple DIY crafts girls can make in their spare time.

  1. Wall Hanger

You can get wall arts for as much as $100 all the way to tens of thousands of dollars but within your spare time you can make some simple wall arts you can just hang and make the wall look beautiful and attractive.

2. Knitted Baby Shoes

This is perfect for girls who have little siblings. They can just take time out and knit a shoe for them to wear and they can also be sold to people for reasonable prices.

3. Homemade Soap

What most people do not realize is how cheap it is to make soaps compared to buying them. You can literally just make soaps with half of the price you get one, only that it would take some of your time but at the end it is totally worth it.

4. DIY ornaments

They might seem underrated but ornaments are very easy to make and they are very good for decorations.

5. Mini Greenhouse

You do not need to have thousands or even millions of dollars to have a greenhouse. You can even make one from as little as a glass jar and they go well as decorations.

6. Bead Making

Bead making is a very popular craft and it is done by so many people worldwide. It is a craft worth adopting and can even be used for commercial purposes.

7. DIY Mini Garden

There isn’t much into this and its very easy to make. This is simply just a collection of things you would ordinarily meet in a garden but a smaller version of it.

8. Painting

Painting has been going on for centuries now and there doesn’t seem to be an end to it as many painters keep emerging day by day and painting is also a way for one to express themselves. This craft is sure to keep one busy for a while

9. Woodwork

Woodwork has been in existence as long as man has been on the planet, this is a very lucrative hobby because so many things can be made from even a log of wood.

10. Thread Art

Something you can d in your free time is to make a thread art on something like a net. You can have patterns drawn out then filled in with different colors to make a beautiful work of art.

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