40 DIY Crafts for Teen Girls

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11. Shirt Painting

You probably have a piece of clothing that is just plain without any designs, you can take them out, grab some paints and design it for a better look and you can also do this for commercial purposes as well.

12. Christmas Decorations

It doesn’t need to be December before you start to prepare for Christmas, you can just take time out anytime and start to make decorations for Christmas in preparation for the festive season.

13. Wooden Frames

There are quite a few things that might need framing in a house, it could be a work of art and even a picture but regardless it is a good idea to make wooden frames to make them more beautiful and presentable.

14. Canned Flower Vase

Every household disposes at least 5-10 cans weekly but these cans can be used for other purposes as well. A simple flower vase is not a bad idea to use a can for and it is very easy to make.

15. Flower Vase Decoration

Most of us have regular flower vases but it would also be wonderful to take time out and decorate some of them. It could be as little as painting letters on them to doing more advanced work of art o them.

16. Clay Art

Clay is a material we can get everywhere, it could even be at ones backyard and this material can be used to make lots of things.

17. DIY bracelet

This craft is for girls that mainly love fashion and all that comes with it. Instead of spending so much you can get something similar for a cheaper price if only time is taken to make it. To top it off, one can confidently say they make their own jewelry.

18. Beanie

A beanie is something you can make with basic knitting skills and as we all know, knitting is very common among girls. At ones free time they can just make a beanie ahead of winter.

19. DIY Storage Box

Gift boxes are items you would need at so many points in your life to give either a family, friend or acquaintance. Making a gift box is not hard and it is a very fun process as well.

20. Beaded Necklace

Beaded necklaces are not only easy to make, they are also very cheap to make and they can be used to replace regular necklaces. All you would need are basic tools like plier, the beads and a thread for the beads to go into.

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