40 DIY Crafts for Teen Girls

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21. DIY Candle Holder

A very good way to elevate the aesthetic appeal in your home decor is with good candle holders. We have the regular candleholders being sold in stores but custom-made ones can be better as for example, you can design them to match the color of your room.

22. Homemade Lipbalm

We all know everyone loves to use lipbalm, not only does it save you a couple of money when you make one but it isn’t also bad to know the full contents of your day to day product.

23. Headband

Headbands are one of the accessories a girl must have, one can have lots of headbands to compliment different outfits and you can simply create many to fit different clothing styles.

24. Homemade Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatchers are a good way to bring more personality to the room and they are very good decorating items.

25. Polaroid Display

Having a polaroid camera can be fun but what is more amazing is a very cool way to display and save pictures taken with it. You can easily make a polaroid display in your room and even add some lights around it for more decoration.

26. DIY Chandelier

As we all know, chandeliers are not even cheap anywhere because of how beautiful they make a place look and also the time put into making it. Instead, you can actually make one yourself with simple household items.

27. Ombre Scarf

Display your knitting skills by making an ombre scarf for the winter for yourself, family and also friends.

28. Custom Pillow Cases

Some people have favorite pillows and they would want it to look the best. You can decorate one of your pillows to suit whatever theme you want.

29. DIY Tote Bag

Tote bags are now one of the most common fashion items and what is better than making yourself a custom Tote Bag. You can decorate them with so many things ranging from painting on them, drawing on them and many more.

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