6 Facts About Everyone’s Favorite Treat: Candy Corn

Candy corn is a Halloween staple. It’s a treat that people have a strong opinion about, whether they love it or hate it. If you’re one of those people who can’t have Halloween without the sweet treat, here are some fun facts about the candy.

Everyone knows what candy corn is, but interestingly enough, it didn’t always have that name. It was manufactured and distributed under the name “Chicken Feed” in 1898 by Goelitz Confectionary Co. It’s safe to say that candy corn is a much tastier sounding name.

In addition to people having strong opinions about whether the candy is delicious or not, there are also strong opinions about how to eat it. The National Confectioners Association took a survey in 2013 and 42.7% of respondents eat a whole piece at once, starting with the narrow white end first. 

Like most things in America, it can be deep-fried. There are lots of recipes online for how to make various desserts featuring the candy, such as fried candy corn fritters. 

For those adults who love candy corn, there’s even a candy corn beer. Candy Corn Cream Ale is served by Westallion Brewing Company in Wisconsin. They claim the brew is “not overly sweet and very well balanced.”

It’s no secret that candy corn is sweet and unhealthy, but do you actually know how much sugar is in a serving? It’s probably more than you’d think. There are up to 28 grams of sugar in just 19 pieces of candy corn, which is comparable to an entire can of Coca-Cola. I can feel the cavities coming already.

The candy is so iconic that it even has its own holiday. On October 30th, the day before Halloween, be sure to enjoy lots of the sugary treat as its National Candy Corn Day. Don’t forget to stock up, and maybe even try making some deep-fried treats!