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Automend Pro Reviews [2020] – Is This Device Worth Your Money?

Automend Pro reviews

If your car breaks down or has some problem, you will take it to an automobile garage to be repaired. In most cases, people feel that the charges for repairing the car are exorbitant. The mechanic makes a long list of problems in the car and presents a fat bill for fixing these problems. In most cases, people have no idea if all that work was really needed.

A common problem faced is the engine light turning on. Most people panic on seeing this and rush to a mechanic to get it checked out. They come out with the problem fixed and a substantial repair/replacement bill. Automobile mechanics gypping off people have become common. This is a universal problem and car owners are helpless.

In such a situation, wouldn’t it be nice if there were some way by which you can find out what is wrong with your car? If you have this information, you can talk to the mechanic in clear terms ensuring you are not cheated of your money.

Automend Pro is a product that helps you carry out a diagnostic check of your car to detect any problems. This will help you not only get problem fixed but is a great tool for preventive maintenance.

What Is Automend Pro?

automend pro reviews

Automend Pro is a device that can be connected to a carport to work as a diagnostic tool. This device claims to be able to detect 7,000 different types of problems that a car can face. This diagnostic tool can help clearly understand what is wrong with the car.

Automend Pro comes with a mobile app. Once the device is connected to the car’s port, the app can be used to diagnose the car’s problems. The app would clearly show what is the problem diagnosed and the solution.

This can help a car owner ensure the right work is done to fix the car. This can save you a lot of money and prevent unscrupulous mechanics from ripping off car owners.

Why Use A Car Diagnostic Tool?

Most people have no idea what has gone wrong when a car breaks down. They entirely rely on the mechanic. This creates a situation where mechanics can rip them off by giving an inflated bill.

Another problem car owners face is with the battery. They have no way of knowing if the battery is defective, weak, or dying. This can lead to a situation where the battery can die suddenly. This can leave you stranded. You need to pay for getting the battery jump started or you may need to get the car towed.

Sometimes the car engine check light may suddenly switch on. Again you have no idea what the problem is. If you take the car to a mechanic, you need to pay whatever he asks. This is because you have no idea what the problem is.

If you had a diagnostic tool like Automend Pro, then you will never get cheated again. The tool would tell you clearly what is wrong with your car. You can then talk to the mechanic in clear terms. This will ensure you don’t get gypped.

The diagnostic tool will act as a preventive checklist. It will let you know if there are any problems so you can fix them to prevent a breakdown. It will help you understand your battery health so you don’t get stranded due to a battery breakdown. You can also find the solution to the engine check light turning on so you know what to fix.

Features Of Automend Pro

automend pro reviews

1. Diagnoses all problems

Automend Pro can diagnose virtually all types of car problems. The makers of Automend Pro claim that the device can diagnose 7,000 different problems. This makes the tool very handy to find out exactly what is the problem with your car.

When you know what the problem is, you can get it fixed yourself. Even if you take the car to a garage, no mechanic can cheat you. With this device, you can avoid unnecessary repairs and inflated bills.

2. Great for preventive maintenance

Automend Pro is a great tool for the preventive maintenance of your car. You don’t have to take it to a mechanic to find out if there is a problem. You can do it at home, thanks to this device.

Plug the device in and check the app to find out if there are any problems. The app will tell you problems and potential problems. You can then take action on these points so your car will continue to be in good condition.

3. Simple and easy to use

Running a diagnostic check on a car seems to be a difficult task. With the Automend Pro, the task becomes easy. All you need to do is find the OBD II port. It is usually located below the steering column. Plug the device and open the app, that’s it!

The app will show you all the problems faced by your car. You can get a clear picture of what is wrong with your car or what part needs replacement. You don’t need a mechanic to tell you this. You can do it yourself at home.

4. Saves a lot of money

The smallest problem in your car and the mechanic ends up raising a big bill. This happens because car owners have absolutely no idea of car problems. They have to blindly go by the words of the mechanic and pay up inflated bills.

With the Automend Pro, all this is in the past. You can get to know exactly what the problem is. No mechanic can fool you. Once you know what is wrong, you can pay only to fix the problem. This will help save a lot of money.

5. Solves battery-related tensions

The car battery can lose charge as you use it and will die out one day. The problem is you have no way to know when your battery will give you trouble. If you have an important appointment and your battery dies out, you will be in trouble.

If you are traveling in a far off or dangerous place and your battery dies, it can be a serious situation. With the Automend Pro, you can know your battery health. This will ensure you get it repaired or replaced to avoid such situations.

6. Handle engine light problems

One of the scary problems car owners face is the check engine light coming on. The reason for this can be anything and you need to go to a mechanic to solve it. If you have the Automend Pro, you can know exactly why the light has come on.

You can then get the problematic part repaired or replaced. This will solve your problem without having to depend on a mechanic to find out. You can tell the mechanic what the problem is and ensure he does only that.

7. Saves fuel expenses

The makers of Automend Pro claim that the device keeps a track of your driving statistics. You can get to know how the car is driven, especially when others in your family drive it. This data will help you improve your fuel consumption. This can help you save money.

8. Locate your car

Sometimes you may find it difficult to locate your car, especially in huge parking lots. With the Automend Pro, you won’t face this problem. The app has a feature that allows you to locate your car easily.

As long as the device is plugged into the port, you can locate your car anywhere. This facility can also be helpful is your car is stolen.

Automend Pro Specifications

  • Car diagnostic tool with Wi-Fi/data connectivity.
  • Weighs 75 grams.
  • Product dimensions 70 x 90 x 30 mm.
  • The free app offered is Android and Apple compatible.

How Does Automend Pro Work?

Automend Pro is a diagnostic tool created by competent engineers and programmers. The tool can read all information in your car and use it to give you a diagnostic evaluation.

Step 1: When you connect the device to the OBD II port, it allows you to get a complete picture of your car. This is the same diagnostic used by car technicians and mechanics.

Step 2: The information collected from the car needs to be analyzed and presented. This is done by an app developed by programmers.

Step 3: The app gets the data through Wi-Fi. It then interprets the data and displays the result in a user-friendly way. Any car owner can understand what the problems with their car are by seeing the results displayed in the app.

What Makes Automend Pro Special?

automend pro reviews

Automend Pro is a unique product that is truly innovative. It is a diagnostic tool that helps to detect problems in a car. Such tools are available with technicians and mechanics working in garages/workshops. For the first time, this kind of tool is available for every car user.

The diagnostic tool is not complicated to use. The special aspect of the product is that anyone can use it. You need not have any technical skills or knowledge of automobiles to use this tool. You just need to connect it to the car’s OBD II port.

Checking the results of the diagnostics is easy in this tool. The unique feature of this tool is that the makers have created a mobile app that can be used on any mobile phone, whether Android or Apple. The app can be used to get a complete diagnostic check-up of the car.

The ease of use of this tool is the special feature of this diagnostic device. All you need to do is find the port in the car and then download the app. The rest is easy. Before you meet a mechanic, the information from this diagnostic tool will be helpful. It will ensure that no mechanic can cheat you.

If you have a weak battery in your car, it can die anytime putting you in trouble. The special feature of the Automend Pro tool is that it tells you about the health of your battery. This will help you get your battery fixed before it dies suddenly. It will also save money that you may need to pay if your car is stuck in some far off area.

When you take your car to get it checked or repaired, the tool will tell you exactly what needs to be fixed. Without this tool, you will be forced to believe what the mechanic says. You will end up paying a heavy bill for repair work that may not even be needed.

When you use the Automend Pro tool, you can talk confidently with the mechanic. You can tell him clearly what work needs to be done. The chances of losing money due to inflated bills is minimized.

How To Use Automend Pro?

Using Automend Pro is easy and convenient. There is no special knowledge needed to use this tool. This is how you can use this tool.

Step 1: Locate the OBD II port in your car. It is usually located behind the steering column. Once you find the port, plug the device into it.

Step 2: The device starts reading data from the port. To access it you need an app. Download the Automend Pro app from Google Play Store or Apple Store and install it.

Step 3: Open the app and you will get a complete diagnostic report of your car. It will list out the problems with your car, so you know what needs to be done. It will also tell you of your battery health and other parameters to help you maintain your car well.

Pros And Cons [Automend Pro Reviews]

The pros and cons of Automend Pro are listed below. Once you go through them, you will get a complete understanding of this device and know what it can do and what it can’t.


The Automend Pro is a device that can help you get a diagnostic check-up of your car. It can tell you all about the problems your car is facing.

When you use the tool, you can get to know the health of important accessories like the battery. This will help in knowing when to replace the car part. You can avoid being fooled by mechanics who replace parts that are working well.

One of the biggest benefits claimed by the manufacturer is that the tool can detect 7,000 different types of problems that a vehicle can have. This ensures that even the smallest problem can be detected so you fix it cost-effectively.

The Automend Pro device is available for a competitive price. You will expect that a device of this type that has so many features will be expensive. This is not the case. This device is priced low so it can be available for every car owner. It costs under $70. The maker even offers a free device if you pay shipping and handling charges.

The tool has an app that can be used to find the results of the diagnostic test. This makes it easy for laymen to understand what is wrong with the car.


  • The Automend Pro is not available for sale in any stores, retail outlets, or automobile showrooms. It is available for sale only online and there is no other way to buy it.
  • The tool needs to be connected to the OBD II port. If your car was built before 1996, it may not have this port. Without the port, the tool cannot be used.
  • You need a smartphone to access the diagnostics. Without a smartphone, you cannot download and use the app to check the results.

Who Is Automend Pro For?

automend pro review

The Automend Pro is meant for all owners and users of cars and trucks. It is helpful for any automobile owner who wants to know what is wrong with the vehicle.

People who feel that their mechanic is overcharging them require the device. The device will help people understand what the problem with their car is. This can help in avoiding overcharging by mechanics.

Anyone concerned about the battery life and worried that the batter may fail when they need it the most can use this device. The device provides a health report on the battery so the owner of the vehicle can replace it on time preventing breakdowns.

The tool will be helpful for those who are worried about the engine check light coming on. They can find out the reason for the light turning on so they won’t be cheated by a mechanic. If it is a minor problem, they can ignore the light and even turn it off.

The tool is helpful for those who want to get a complete diagnostic health check-up of their vehicle. The tool is meant for those who want to know what the problem with the car is and how much it may cost for the repair before taking it to a mechanic.

Who Is Automend Pro Not For?

The Automend Pro device is not meant for people who own a vehicle manufactured before 1996. These vehicles are unlikely to have an OBD II port, without which the device cannot be used. Even if your car was made after 1996, if it does not have the OBD II port, this device cannot be used.

The Automend Pro is not for you if you do not have a smartphone or do not have access to one.

Automend Pro Customer Reviews

Automend Pro is a unique diagnostic tool. This is why it is getting positive reviews online. The following are some of the reviews of this product.

David L., San Antonio, TX, “It works. It’s simple. It’s worth every penny I paid for it. I would never have been able to figure out what was wrong with my truck without this. Two simple fixes and my truck runs smooth and the engine light is finally off again.”

Tom F., Boston, MA, “I had to take my car to a mechanic I didn’t know at all. He looked at my car for like two seconds and then told me I needed almost $1000 in repair work. Not today, bud! I looked back at him and was able to tell him exactly what my car needed. I took my business elsewhere to repair. And Automend Pro has saved me a lot of money so far.”

Jennifer W., Billings, MT, “I received mine and it actually said the same thing that the auto parts store meter said! And then I got the check engine light off. Perfect! A neighbor knows how to fix the problem and will be doing so shortly. I love this. It did exactly as advertised.”

Who Is The Manufacturer Of This Product?

The company that manufactures the AutomendPro diagnostic tool is Quality Performance Limited. This company is based in Clifton, NJ.

How Much Does Automend Pro Cost?

Automend Pro is a powerful product. However, the manufacturer is making it available for a competitive price. Substantial discounts are offered on the product so that every vehicle owner can buy one. The list price of the device is $107.66. But it is being offered at a sizeable discount. You can buy it for only $69.98, which is a great price.

You can buy this device for your family members if they also have a car. You can even gift it to your friends or colleagues. When you buy two devices, you get a discount of up to 45%. The discount increases when you buy more products.

If you buy three units, you get a discount of 50%. The best deal is when you buy four units. You get a discount of 55%. You need to pay only $209.94 for 4 units of this product.

The manufacturers are offering free shipping at present. This offer is available only for a limited time.

Where To Buy Automend Pro?

You can buy Automend Pro from the website of the company. Buying the product is simple and convenient. The company offers secure checkout for all online purchases. The website is protected by McAfee, Norton, Verisign, and TrustE.

To buy the product, first select how many units you want. Then enter the details of payment like your credit card details or use PayPal. Finish the process by entering the shipping information including your address. Click on the complete purchase option to finish buying. The product will be delivered to your home.

What Comes In The Box?

The Automend Pro device is stored in a box and sent to you packed securely. The box will contain the device along with a user manual that will help you if have any doubts while using the device. If you order multiple devices, you will get multiple boxes containing the devices and user manuals.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

When you buy the Automend Pro device, the manufacturer wants you to be assured of its quality. This is why they are offering a 30-day money-back guarantee for the product. This guarantee makes it convenient for you to buy the device. You can go ahead and buy without worrying about the kind of product you will receive.

In case you are not happy with the product quality or simply decide that you don’t want the product return it. The money-back guarantee ensures that the manufacturer will refund your money without any questions asked (minus S& H). You can even get a replacement if the product is defective.


The article presented complete information about the Automend Pro device. The unique features of this product, its benefits, and pros and cons. The information will have helped you know all about the product. This will help you decide if you should buy this product.

  • If you still are unsure whether to purchase this product, take a look at the questions below:
  • Do you feel that garage mechanics are cheating you by charging you for unnecessary repairs?
  • Are you confused about whether the repair works suggested by mechanics are really required?
  • Do you feel that mechanics force you to replace parts even they are working well?
  • Are you worried about your vehicle battery dying suddenly creating a problem for you?

Do you worry whenever you see the engine check light turning on? Are you concerned that the mechanics would force you to change parts not needed to inflate their bill?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to buy the Automend Pro. The diagnostic tool that connects to the OBD II port of your car can prevent you from being cheated. It claims to diagnose 7,000 different problems. This can help you find out what is wrong with your vehicle. With this knowledge, no mechanic can cheat you.

You can use it for preventive maintenance. The device can be used with an app to get a health check-up of your vehicle. This helps you take proper care of your vehicle. The tool is being offered at a very competitive price. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, this is a device you must consider buying to save a lot of money on repair/maintenance bills. Click the button below to get yours.