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Barxbuddy Review (Latest Update)

Barxbuddy Review

When we?re excited, we talk. When we?re angry, we talk. Basically talking is how we convey our thoughts to others.

It?s no different for your dog but instead of talking, it barks. Your dog?s barks are how it communicates with you and it could differ in different situations.

It might bark violently when there?s an intruder. Or playfully while waggling its tail when it?s happy. Being a dog owner you can probably pick up on the different situations.

Well, in life excess of anything becomes irritating. Especially if it has to do with noise. 

You?re trying to enjoy a quiet afternoon with a magazine and an orange drink but your dog keeps barking nonstop in the yard. 

This will immediately ruin your planned afternoon. 

Or after a long cry, you finally succeeded in putting your baby to sleep. But your dog has refused to stop barking. Well, definitely, nobody is sleeping in that house. So how do you go about this?

In the long run, it?d be best to train your dog to obey voice commands. So that if it keeps barking like that and you tell it to stop, it does so immediately.

But for now, what can you do?

A new unveil ?? barxbuddy?

What is Barxbuddy, you ask?

In this Barxbuddy review, I?ll lead you through everything you need to know and why you need it.

Barxbuddy Review ? What is it?

The barxbuddy is an ultrasonic training device for dogs. It emits high pitched sounds to get your dog into a calm and relaxed state.

Thime range of sound produced by this device can only be heard by dogs and not humans or other pets like cats. 

And rest assured it is not harmful to the health of your dog. The sound is only high enough to cause little discomfort and draw their attention to it. It won?t affect you as the owner either because the sound is too high for you to hear.

How does Barxbuddy work?

Simply put, all you have to do is push buttons. It comes with two buttons, the lower one is the training button while the upper one is the one and off switch.

Once you push the training button, the device starts emitting ultrasonic sounds that immediately gets the attention of your dog.

With this, you can stop any bad behaviour your dog has and even teach them new tricks. 

It also comes with an LED flashlight. This can be used for additional visual stimulus if you?re dealing with a stubborn dog. Those kind of dogs respond more to what they can see.

After you?ve used Barxbuddy to calm your dog down, do not forget to reward it positively with a scratch on the ear, a pat, or some treat.

Why You Need Barxbuddy

We love our dogs, they?re good buddies. But they can get naughty and destructive as well. Trying to control them by words doesn?t usually work out well. Being forceful isn?t adviceable either.

But with Barxbuddy you can discipline your dog without being violent or forceful. Even dogs who are aggressive and unfriendly can be helped using Barxbuddy without having to lock them up in cages.

Technical Information About Barxbuddy

Let?s get into the geeky stuff for a bit?. Just a bit.

Dogs can hear sounds between 67 and 45,000 Hertz or more. Humans can only hear up to about 20,000 Hertz. Noises in the upper range of a dog’s hearing, well above what a human can detect, will cause irritation or discomfort.

The BarxBuddy produces sound at about 30,000 Hertz and up, making it noiseless for humans, while discomfortable to dogs. Keep in mind it is not painful, but does catch their attention.

Benefits of using Barxbuddy

1. Using BarxBuddy will help your dog to lose those bad qualities. Not only would it stop excessive barking, it would also stop it from digging holes or tearing up stuff. Walking your dog will be less stressful as well, because it won’t start barking at everybody.

2. Barxbuddy has a LED flashlight and this can be helpful while walking your dog at night.

3. Sometimes, dogs can be troublemakers especially when meeting other dogs. With BarxBuddy, you don?t have to worry about anything because, with just one push of a button, your dog can immediately relax and behave properly. Once you have to trained your dog, you no longer have to worry about this kind of behavior. You can now walk your dog with ease because he will surely behave no matter who or what his surroundings may be.

4. A lot of dogs have the habit of chewing at anything they set their eyes on. With Barxbuddy, you can train your dog against this behaviour. With time, you wouldn’t even need to use the device anymore.

5. Now, if your dog seems to be getting lazy or is losing confidence in himself, BarxBuddy can help by helping him engage in fun activities. Avoid pressuring him to do activities that are unnecessary as this will only ruin his confidence even more. There are a lot of amazing activities that you can surely teach your dog.

6. Since BarxBuddy use ultrasonic sounds, you don?t have to worry about your neighbors getting disturbed. The reason behind this is because the dogs are the only ones who can hear them as it is meant to be heard by dogs.

7. The loud barking of your dog irritates you quite alright, but it’s probably worse for the neighbours. Imagine not owning a dog yet you can’t sleep because of one. They’d probably start complaining to you. With Barxbuddy, you eliminate this added stress on yourself and the neighbours.

Barxbuddy Review ? How to use it

Whenever your dog starts barking uncontrollably or behaving the way you don?t like, then it?s time to use the BarxBuddy device. I?ll outline the steps to follow while using it;

1.Calmly go in front of your dog so it can clearly see you

2. Point Barxbuddy directly at your dog(while it sees you) and press the button. At this point, they high pitched sound from Barxbuddy has gotten its attention.

3. If your dog is stubborn, you can use the LED light as well to add visual stimulation.

4. As Barxbuddy helps your dog calm down, release the button. Give your dog a moment to remain calm.

5. If they remain calm, always remember to reward them positively. This tells the dog that you liked what it just did. The reward could be pets, scratches on the ear or treats.

Training your dog is not really a one-off activity. It?ll take a bit of time. According to comments from customers, it takes about a month with Barxbuddy. After about one month, those naughty behaviours your dog previously had would have been corrected.

If not totally gone, once your bring out Barxbuddy, It stops barking. You don?t even have to press the button anymore.

Barxbuddy Review ? Pros And Cons

Among dog owners, Barxbuddy has become so popular because of its obvious results and positive recommendations. Some of the advantages of Barxbuddy are;

  • Incredibly easy to use
  • Portable enough to carry around
  • It is multifunctional as it includes an LED flashlight.
  • Inaudible to humans


  • Barxbuddy can only be gotten from their official website. So you won?t be seeing it in stores. This might bum out people that wanted a hands-on before purchasing.
  • The range that Barxbuddy covers is limited, about 10m range. If you have a compound bigger that this, that might be an issue for you.

Can Barxbuddy Work On All Breeds?

The good news is, Barx Buddy can work in almost all breeds. This may be the reason why the device is becoming very popular to doing owners It is not only safe but definitely very effective. Here are some of the breeds that are often trained by Barx Buddy:

  • Milder breeds – Daschunds, Shih Tzu, and Poodles
  • Aggressive breeds – Pitbulls, Pinschers, and Rottweilers
  • Active dogs – Boxers and Beagles
  • Small dogs – Spaniels and Yorkies
  • Big dogs – Huskies, Labradors, and German Shepards

Barxbuddy Review ? Is it safe?

As I said earlier, Barxbuddy emits high pitched sounds that can only be heard by dogs. So as a dog owner, you can?t hear it hence it poses no harm to you. 

I know you?re worried about your dog. Barxbuddy delivers sound just loud enough to cause a little discomfort and nothing further. It makes the dog leave everything else and focus on that sound.

It does not pose any health risk or danger to your dog. It is perfectly safe.

Before use, make sure your dog sees you with Barxbuddy. So it doesn?t become agitated and know the sound is coming from you.

Barxbuddy Review – Testimonials

Barxbuddy has consistently helped dog owners overcome excessive barking amidst other bad behaviours. It has gotten tons of positive comments from satisfied customers. Here are a few;

?Thank you BarxBuddy, you have changed our lives. We have a Yorkie that is quite defensive of his territory. He is always barking at people, when they knock on the door, leave, walk by the front of our house. But now he is the perfect dog, just what we always wanted. Everyone who visits comments on how calm and well behaved he is. That?s a big turnaround from the horrible barking dog he used to be. Our thanks for making such a great dog trainer!!?

Emilia Galloway

?Barx Buddy is a godsend! My dog was howling so bad I could talk to anyone when I was walking him. After using this, the behavior changed pretty quickly and now he responds just when he sees me pull it out of my pocket. It has totally stopped his howling and a few other bad things he tries from time to time.?

– Avery Ross

?I have always been afraid of dogs, especially big dogs. A neighbor has a big brown and black dog and I was scared to walk by their house thinking he would bite me. And that dog barked nonstop at me. But now all I have to do is grab my device, point it, and press the button – he shuts right up. Anyone scared of dogs needs one of these, I feel so much safer and in control!?

– Maria Tellez

Barxbuddy Review ? Pricing 

When your dog is stressing you out, you?re sure ready to buy anything to make it stop. From the above review, Barxbuddy will help you calm your dog but at what cost?

Just at $40.

It?s something that can make a huge difference with your dog. Less barking, less stress on you and more enjoyable times together.

Where To Get Barxbuddy

If you?ve made up your mind to get Barxbuddy, then you?d probably be asking where to get it right about now.

The best place to purchase Barxbuddy is through the official sales page. There you?ll find all the information you need on this device, the offered discounts and packages.

Purchasing from the official website will guarantee getting a quality product. It would also ensure a safe transaction as all your payment information will be secured.

Now click the button below if you?re interested.

Barxbuddy Review ? Final Thoughts

It?s the love you have for dogs that made you a dog owner in the first place. But having to deal with a dog that barks at virtually everything can be tasking and stressful.

Though no matter how futile it seems, any dog can still be trained. Customers worldwide has appreciated the effectiveness of Barxbuddy. A lot of dog owners have recommended it to others based on the results they got.

If you?re looking for a way to calm your dog and easily train it, I feel Barxbuddy is worth every penny you spend.

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