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Blaux Heater Reviews [2020]- Is This Heater Worth It?

Blaux Heater Reviews

A winter evening, you are sitting by your laptop, watching series, and sipping a drink. But a cold breeze may make you colder and uncomfortable out of nowhere. Or you are out in the cold all day for work and you return to your house, removing your shoes and you just want to lie down in comfort.

Wouldn’t it be easier if you just click a button and a warm breeze takes you to a whole new level of comfort and warmth? Here’s the best solution to your problem. BLAUX brings you a heater that not only heats your surroundings or personal space within a few seconds.

It also prevents you from spending big bucks on heating your room. It is not only eco-friendly but also energy efficient. It saves time, power, and money as well. You can solve all your problem like heating your room to your comfort level and also enhance your mood.

We all know how harsh the cold weather is to the old people. With an increase in age, there is a decrease in the metabolic rate in our bodies. And under this circumstance, the body is unable to produce the amount of heat required to keep the warmth. You can surprise your elder and loved ones by gifting them a personal heater to brighten their smile at Christmas.

Moreover, using a personal heater has an additional benefit as well. These heaters have an air-purifying feature as well. So you will get a two-in-one device. Ultimately you will be saving some money by using a Blaux personal heater. It will help to quickly heat up your personal space and at the same time freshen up the air quality around you.

Go through the various features and details about the product in this article. It will surely help you to make a decision.

What Is Blaux Heater?

blaux heater reviews

A heater needs to deliver a good level of heating within a short period. Blaux heater brings furnace-like heating with just a click. It contains a safer way to heat. It is basically a ceramic heater with an adjustable temperature for your personal comfy needs.

This heater also has a timer feature that lets you worry less about overheating. It helps remove antimicrobial things like dust and also prevents mold. You will get a good look at the product from this review.

Why Use Blaux Heater?

We always want a few things that are quite safe, cheap, and portable. You turn on the heater and after a certain time, it heats the inside to a certain level for a prolonged time which is not necessary at all. Easily it can lead to heavy damage to your product or even cause a fire from that heat.

Then it can easily spread to your furniture or other combustible products near that object. Worst, it can burn your whole house down. Wish you could adjust the heat setting and time that heater according to your needs.

In another situation, you want to go on a trip to some colder places. After a long day of the trip you want a comfy bed in the hotel or wherever you are staying. But you couldn’t get that because the room doesn’t have any heater in it. So you wish you could bring your heater with you. In that case, a lightweight, portable, and easy to install heater is what you need.

Many heaters generate a funky smell when turned on. So you need some fresh air and not some pungent smell which disrupts your mood. You really want warm and as well as healthy air for your surroundings. After all, you will always want the best for your family.

It sets the correct tone for your mood and helps you to function normally throughout the day. In winter, due to cold hands and feet, we like to rather sit and rest under blankets. Getting up from sleep in the morning becomes another problem. This may lead to you getting late to the office. But with the heater, you will be able to keep yourself warm at any time. You can carry it wherever you want.

You will be able to keep your loved ones safe and illness-free during the cold weather. During winter, people suffer from sicknesses due to the weather change. But if you able to keep yourself and family warm and comfortable, you will be able to prevent this.

Features Of Blaux Heater

blaux heater reviews
  • Efficient in heating

The all-new Blaux heater is built to satisfy the needs of its customers. Blaux heater is a convention ceramic heater that heats up the inside air quickly, blows out, and spreads quickly. It can heat your space within a few seconds. Ceramic elements usually heat up quickly. This heater is efficient, safe, save more energy, and in return saving your money.

  • Safety is the priority

There are other heaters working on oil, which is highly unsafe as it contains exposed heating elements. These exposed elements can easily cause harm. On the other hand, Blaux heaters are built in such a way that the ceramic plate is safely put inside a plastic casing that won’t heat up. So you won’t have to worry about moving the heater around the room.

  • Heating as timed

You may be worried that the heater will overheat and cause damage. But no need to worry, Blaux heaters come with a timer feature that lets you time your heating. It also has a safety kill switch at the back which will not allow any hot air to come out unless activated. Precautions have been taken for instances like when the heater falls over or if you lift it. It has an upright safety switch which will automatically shut off.

  • Always fresh air quality

Whenever you use a regular heater it will produce a musky scent when you turn it on. This scent comes from the dust and mold which builds over the heater. And when it heats up, it burns and produces a funky smell. The Blaux heater comes with a new antimicrobial filter that filters out dust and also prevents the mold from growing furthermore. It enhances the air and always prevents the growth of bacteria in your wet socks and other clothes keeping the air quality clean and fresh. Filters can be purchased if there’s too much dust.

  • Pocket friendly

Nowadays the average household in America spends at least $500 to $1500. So, the most important thing to keep in mind is the cost of the electricity bill which will come at the end of the month. Unlike most of the heaters in the market these days it won’t cost you tons of money. Blaux heater comes with an all-new efficient heating technology which easily heats up the air within a few seconds. Heating a whole house for over the roof electric bill or heating in an efficient way? Choose wisely.

  • Knockdown technology and other extra features

Blaux heater comes with a new technology which is called knockdown technology which automatically stops the heater when it is bumped or tipped off. It immediately stops the power supply when it detects the same. It also has a higher power fan blowing option.


  • Adjustable Temperature
  • Safe plastic casing
  • Maximum power- 700 watt
  • Temperature ranges from 60 to 90 Fahrenheit (32.22 degree Celsius)
  • Overheat protection
  • Wires are also cased so it doesn’t affect anyone
  • Knockdown technology automatically turns off the heater when bumped into something.
  • Energy-saving mode
  • Modern and premium finish blending with most interiors.
  • Easy to use. Doesn’t need any special skill.
  • Easy to carry around. Portable
  • Hot/Warm/natural wind- Modes of selection
  • LCD display
  • ZPT filter for elimination of dust, mold, and bad smell.
  • Standby mode

How Does Blaux Heater Work?

blaux heater reviews

There is a natural phenomenon known as “convection”. Blaux heaters are basically made up of ceramic material. Firstly, the air inside the heater is heated by heating the ceramic coil. When the air inside becomes less dense than the air outside, the cold air outside the convector is drawn towards the convector, creating a constant flow of air in between the convector.

Here the elements convert the electrical energy into heat energy. The convector or the ceramic element is caused using a plastic casing that can withstand heat.

This ceramic heat imparting device can be used in any medium-sized space to heat up. It can also be kept on the upper surface of any flat device. The superb design also manages well with the appearance of your personal space.

Ceramic heaters are better than oil radiant heaters. This is because the radiant heaters come from a hot surface and the oil-filled heater first heats up the oil inside it and thus in turn heating the space.

This is more dangerous for kids and pets that may come in contact with the heated surfaces. Blaux heater provides a much safer way to heat as it hardly heats the surface of the product as there is a plastic casing to prevent heating the external surface.

What Makes Blaux Heater Special?

blaux heater review

The heater is the day-to-day need for the regions with chilling temperatures. It is a must-have item for the household in the cold region. It provides a sweet and cozy environment for our room. So, what is special about this heater?

These days most heater comes with huge space occupancy, not enough efficient to produce heat to your comfort level, not safe enough for children and pets. Using this heater will ensure that you are going to nullify all your problems without putting a dent in your pocket. Blaux brings you a new heater with advanced technology and some unique features keeping a modern look intact.

The well-designed Blaux heater provides quick heating up facility and freshens up the surrounding air including bacterial and dust particles. This prevents any foul scent from the atmosphere of the room. On the contrary, most of the other heating systems consume about an hour to heat up the personal space.

There is an additional safety procedure for any chances of the device causing mishap due to heating up excessively. All the heating elements of the device are properly insulated with a protective coating. This prevents any chances of accidents upon touching the device.

The heater is not only easy to set up but also contains three fans setting for your cooling temperature. It is compact and doesn’t need any larger space (setup anywhere like the desk or some small areas).

It consumes the least amount of energy compared to the other heaters in the market these days. This product comes with a filtration process using an advanced ZPT filter which can easily filter out microbes.

How To Use Blaux Heater?

blaux heater review

Blaux Heaters are lightweight and easy to use and don’t need any special skill or technician to set up. So before buying, you don’t need to panic about using it. Elder people won’t face any kind of problems while trying to use the heater. Check out the following, it will ease your confusion.

This device requires electricity to operate. So, it contains an ON/OFF switch to get started. After turning on the switch, the air temperature can be regulated as per your needs using the thermostat available.

For turning off the heater you have two options. You can either set a timer which is between 1-3 hrs and will automatically turn off the switch or you can do it manually.

Don’t judge anything based on its good looks only. You need to flip both sides to know something better.

Pros And Cons [Blaux Heater Reviews]


Here are a few points that will summarize up the facts that why should you choose Blaux heater-

  • Can be used for personal heating space rather than going for a huge central heating system.
  • Cost reduction will be there as it is power efficient and can heat up 250 sq. feet.
  • Hard plastic outing case. So, it is safe to touch the body and other external parts or by mistake.
  • Three easy timers are there for your benefit and comfortability (1 hr, 2 hr, 3hr)
  • The standby gravity switch will turn off the heater once it is tipped over or not upright on the flat surface.
  • Portable can be carried out anywhere without any problem.
  • The price of the heater is one of the most out-of-the-box factors keeping in mind the benefits of it.


Every single thing in this planet got its own set of disadvantages in it. Here are the cons of this product-

  • This is beneficial for small rooms or personal space.
  • Change of filter is required after a certain time for clean filtration of air.
  • Kindly don’t compare this product to the central heating system.
  • Can be purchased online only since they are not sold in any offline stores.

Who Is Blaux Heater For?

blaux heater review

Using this product does not require any special training or knowledge. So the answer is simple- anyone can use it. There is no fear of overheating and related problems with this product as well. The device automatically stops when it gets displaced due to any reason. You can decide the duration for which it will run by setting the timer.

The basic customization options are totally easy to comprehend. The power button activates the device. The button on the left is used to set the fan speed depending upon the temperament. There is another button on the right side that can be used to set the timer depending upon how long you want to keep it running.

Who Is The Manufacturer Of Blaux Heater?

One of the things that you should keep in mind while purchasing products online is that you need to verify the seller first. For instance, in this case, Blaux is the manufacturer of this portable heater.

The online purchase needs to be done from the official site itself. Once you have made up your mind to buy the product, visit the official website.

Price Of Blaux Heater

While buying the product from the manufacturer’s website, you will benefit from special discounts. The discounts are even higher when you buy more than one product. This is profitable because you will end up paying less for the original item itself. While buying the product, the process is a simple one. Here are the prices for the product-

  • One Blaux personal heater is available for $69.99
  • Two Blaux personal heaters are available for $139.98
  • Three Blaux personal heaters are available for $157.48

Nowadays, online payment has become increasingly popular. So you don’t need to panic about that. There are multiple payment options. The following credit cards and modes are accepted in the payment gateway-Paypal, stripe, Visa, American Express, Mastercard, and Discover.

Online payment has another benefit. In case you are not satisfied and you want to return the product, the amount will be refunded right through the same mode of payment.

Where To Buy It?

Blaux heater is available on its official website as that is the safest place to buy it. By doing so, you would avoid scammers who are ready to sell you a fake. Just click on the button at the end of this article to be redirected to the official page.

Don’t be afraid to put in your payment information because the website is secured using 256-bit SSL encryption. You’d be provided with several payment options to make things easier for you.

Blaux Heater Customer Reviews

This is a great addition to our home. It can get quite cold, especially in the basement. Other heaters are too hot or are unsafe for children and pets, but this one is very safe. I like that the power button is in the back of the device as an extra safety measure. It heats up fast for a small device. Perfect for a home like ours. – Thomas K.

I’ve had other heaters and this one is my favorite. It’s smaller and compact, so it’s perfect for a desk or countertop. I use it at work and I also have one for my room at home. It’s a great value and works better than others. Highly recommend. – Sarah K.

Bought one of these for my home office because it gets pretty cold and we don’t have central heating. I ended up buying a few more for the other rooms in the house. I also love that it comes with these filters for better breathing. Great deal for a very good product. – Daniel W.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Consider a scenario when you have already purchased the product and you are unhappy with the service you have perceived. Blaux provides you the solution for that. It provides a 30-day money-back guarantee.

However, it needs you to fulfill just two conditions-you have to return it undamaged and in the original packaging. Next, you have to ship the product to the address given to you by customer care. Then you have to call customer care again and provide them the tracking number.

The refund process will start as soon as the product is received and verified. You will get an e-mail confirming the same. The amount will then reach according to your mode of payment.


The device uses an advanced technology called the ZPT channel to remove impurities from the air. Impurities in the air means bacteria, residues, and other microbes that dwell in the air we breathe. This easy to carry heater can be used for multipurpose activities. It has a small fan that can alternatively be used in the summer season for a cool breeze.

The safety feature provided by the device is equally attractive since it does not possess any threat to the users. The outer coating provides total insulation from the heating elements that are used in the device.

There is no probability of body heating. Moreover, the device possesses an additional safety feature that stops functioning if it is tilted from its position. This provides an option to place it within the bounds of kids. You will be relieved knowing that there are no chances of any accidents. Click the button below to get yours.