Blaux Portable AC Review [June 2020 Update]

Blaux Portable AC Reviews

Complaining about the weather seems like a national pastime. But in places where the heat is soaring, these aren?t just empty complaints. Heat and humidity aren?t only uncomfortable ? they can be downright dangerous if you don?t take the proper precautions.

If this summer is anything like the last, an air conditioner unit will be somewhat essential to help us remain fresh and unflustered. However, there?s a problem. The cost of these air conditioners are so much that they can rip open your bank account or you may be well to do but then the cost of installing and maintaining one would be so much.

In such a case, a small alternative that is equally effective is a welcome change that you can use to your advantage. Whether you find sleeping impossible in warm muggy temperatures, or your office has become an insufferable sauna, your portable friend will make hot summer days much more bearable at a fraction of the price.

We would therefore like to introduce the Blaux Portable AC to you. A device that offers the same functions as an air conditioner and costs only a fraction of what ordinary air conditioners consume.

The Blaux Portable AC is one of the highest selling air coolers currently in the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada and world wide. It is gaining an outrageous amount of attention. I?m certain that you have seen lots of adverts but as always, we are here to guide you.

Here we will cover a series of information about this device. We encourage you to stick to this page as you will know every single thing about this portable air conditioner when we are done here.

Most importantly you will be able to decisively make that bold decision; whether to buy or not to buy?

Let’s get started.

blaux portable ac reviews
blaux portable ac reviews

Blaux Portable AC Reviews

The Blaux portable ac is a personal air cooler that also filters the air around you. From the word portable, you can see that this device can be carried to any location without causing any stress. It completely eliminates the need for installation or huge electricity bills that come with the conventional air conditioners.

A Three-in-one piece, the blaux aircon is a cordless air cooler, humidifier and has a fan. You don?t need to bother about plugging this device into the electric circuit to keep it working. This is indeed a great benefit of this device.

While providing coolness to its users, the blaux portable ac also pulls dust particles from the air with its powerful filter technology ensuring that consumers have a clean environment at all times. Unlike other coolers that may disappoint you on the hottest of days, the blaux will always serve you. Even if it happens to get damaged, your purchase is covered by a 30 -day money back policy.

In this device is a charging cable of the type C variety. It allows the use to plug it in no matter the location. This device comes with 3 fan speeds, which helps you tune the amount of cold air you want to your preferred level.

Technical Facts of Blaux Portable Air Conditioner

  • Low noise operation (up to 40 dB)
  • Removable network cover (facilitates cleaning)
  • Power mode: USB
  • Nominal power: DC5V
  • Noise: up to 40 dB
  • Negative ion working power: 1 Watt
  • Duration: 8 hours in first gear, 4.5 in second gear and 2.5 in third gear

Features of Blaux Portable AC?


This to us is one of the selling points of this device. It tops our list because it is the feature loved my most customers. The Blaux AirCon is portable and can be carried with you anywhere you go.

This allows you to make use of it in your office, working place, living room, kitchen and anywhere you so desire. Thus it can be easily carried with the luggage when a long hectic journey is unavoidable. All this is made even easier, thanks to its ergonomic carrying handle and small size.

Air filter

This portable air conditioner has a filter and purifying technology that allows you enjoy clean air whenever you make use of it. This technology filters the air you breathe and ensures it is devoid of germs.

Well for me, having filters is really top notch, Pollutants, allergens and dust particles that are all harmful will be squarely taken care of.

Sufficient running time

This is another factor that makes this device stand out from the others. It is indeed the most unique feature of this air cooler. It is equipped with a battery power that is more than enough to run the device for more than a day non-stop. It generates really cool air, fast! In just 30 seconds, enjoy rapid cooling mode as blaux pumpsput 2.7m/s of cool refreshing air

3-Speed fan

It possess a three speed setting. This simply allows you control the speed of the airflow using the fans. This in turn will help reduce the power consumption of the device. It will be unnecessary to blast cool air when the day is not so hot. A slow to medium speed will comfort the user as well as save power consumption.

Noiseless Technology

This is another top from Blau?x. This air con will never make a noise that is louder that 40 decibels. This means that while it is functioning, it can never disturb you with any form of noise. It simply means that you will still concentrate in the office and also during your restful sleep. The blaux aircon offers you a noisless efficient service.

Easy cleaning

Dirt and moisture will stick to the mesh holes. It is a very common problem faced by any cooling agent. With the help of a cloth and a disinfectant, the particles can be removed. No professional is needed to hire for the cleaning purpose. Hence the maintenance cost is saved.

blaux portable ac reviews
Blaux Portable AC reviews

Mood lightening

Blaux Portable Air Conditioner has a fascinating mood lightening system when you want some intimacy

Charging indicator

There is a LED ring provided on the surface of the cooler device. It will keep the user alert about the charging status. The full charge status is also shown on a proper basis. It is a very important criterion especially when there is no availability of charging point or any nearby station.

How does it work?

Enough of the technical dabble, let?s take a look into the working principle of the Blaux Portable AC

Energy source

The blaux portable ac makes use of a lithium battery similar in size to an android device. It makes use of a USB cable that gives you that leverage of charging your ac just like your smartphone. Your device lasts for one full day after 24 hours. This allows use make use of this device even in areas where there is no constant source of power. It is a product based on a renewable source of energy

Working Principle

The blaux portable air conditioner makes use of what experts call ?thermoelectric cooling principle?. This principle has been known to produce very powerful cooling effects. This portable air conditioner has a plate with two sides. Heat energy is transferred from one side of the plate to another when the device is connected to a DC circuit.

This heated plate is always submerged in a heat sink so that it remains in room temperature. the other side of this plate remains cooler. Gradually the temperature of this cooler side of the plate become even below the ambient temperature. When air from the fan enter the vent, it gets cooled by this effect and thus you receive a cool refreshing air.

Filter techonolgy

This review will not be complete if we fail to explain this part of this device. The blaux portable ac has a filtering system that needs to be replace from time to time. The filter works to kill bacteria, eliminate pollutants and give you a clean refreshing air.

An ioniser is provided with the filter bed for the cleaning purposes. The diffused ozone molecules of the ionizer stick to the particles that cause allergies and pollution. Due to its attachment, the coagulated partices become heavy and fall to the ground surface. This way, the air-borne particles are removed from the incoming air. this device will really be beneficial to anyone who suffers allergic reactions from any dust particle.

What is the benefit of using Unit?

Outlined below in this review are the benefits of using this air unit

  • First, the setup and use of this air unit requires no special skill. You need not be a technician for installation.
  • Ir can create a cooling breeze or be switched to a regular fan. It all depends on what you like
  • It saves enough energy while making sure you receive more than enough cool air
  • It does not occupy space
  • It does not require high maintenance. You need to only clean the filters with some continuity and avoid accumulating the humidity that will appear from the condensation when cooling the air.
  • It can act as a humidifier. If you?re suffering from dry air or stuffed sinuses, the Blaux Portable AC can make you feel better
  • It generates really cool air, fast! In just 30 seconds, enjoy rapid cooling mode as it pumps out 2/7m/s of cool, refreshing air.
  • With its three fan speeds, you can set it to your optimum comfort level.
  • It has a large tank capacity of 300ml which is very easy to refill when water runs low
  • It has a fascinating mood lightening when you want intimacy
  • It is powered by a big rechargeable 200mAh battery. It serves for several hours before needing a charge,
  • There are equipment with cold and heat function. If you choose one of this type, you can use it all year round, due to its air conditioning and heating modality.
  • Its installation is simple, making it easy to move to other spaces. It is not necessary to make investments in technical personnel for its placement.
  • It can be placed in the hottest spaces such as the kitchen or offices that have equipment with high emissions of heat levels (photocopiers, printers, among others).
  • Depending on the model to choose, there are some that by means of ventilation eliminate hot air at once.
  • Its placement in the different spaces does not affect the internal decoration of the rooms, since the models are small.
  • With its adjustable louvers you can direct the air to whatever direction you wish to

Blau?x as a company currently markets this ac unit to people in hot climates and people who live in smoggy climates. If you are concerned about the hot or humid summer season or you are bothered about air pollution in you area, the Blaux Portable air conditioner may be the perfect product for you.

How do I make use of it?

This Portable AC is very simple and easy to use. Once your order arrives, the first thing to do it to charge up your device. Once this is done, your device is now ready for full functioning. You can now place it anywhere you so wish.

The device contains an ice box. All you need do is to add few ice cubes to its ice box. The ice bos is then only switched on and can start its work. One load of ice cubes is more than enough to last for several hours of cool air.

The ice cubes melt during this time, but the cooling air is discharged to the outside so that the Mini Air Cooler can reach a comfortable temperature in the whole room. It is important to pay attention to the battery charge, which should normally also be sufficient for several hours.

If the battery is empty, the blaux portable AC is simply recharged with the included cable, which is included in the scope of delivery. Immediately after that it can be used again. The uncomplicated use guarantees a pleasant air, where you can work well or relax in the office.

Follow the guide below for easy setup

1. Gently pour in water into the allotted tank for it. See the image below to know how

blaux portable ac reviews

2. Insert the replaceable water curtain. Each water curtain lasts for about 6-8 months. They are can be washed and resused also.

blaux portable ac open

3. When you?re done with all these, kindly turn it on. In seconds you will start enjoying a clean cool air that will be very refreshing on your skin.

blaux portable ac reviews

Pros and Cons [Blaux Portable AC Reviews]

To maintain the neutrality of this review, we decided to let you know the pros and cons of this device. Thank you

It is very easy to useIt is only available online
It is Hhigh-performance systemStock is currently limited
it works with normal ice cubes
Excellent for at home, on the road and in the office
Extended battery power
Secure handling

Blaux Portable AC Reviews: What are our ratings and recommendations

This cooler is an effective, cost efficient cooling solution. Its advantages are numerous. First, this device is versatile. It has the ability ro provide both permanent and even temporary cooling air for people especially with the scorching heat of the summer sun

Space is one big problem that lots of people face today. It is usually extremely difficult and uncomfortable for a person to live in a small and stuffy room when the weather gets super-hot. This does not only make it inconvenient for people but also increases the chance of coming down with serious health conditions like meningitis. For such set of persons, the blaux portable ac is all they need pending when they can afford a more spacious facility.

Also, with the blaux you will save money that could have been spent on installing big unit through the wall or window. They also consume less electricity whilst providing top-notch efficiency.

Finally, it not only cools the air, it also humidifies it, leaving your room or space super cool and dry. This is very important and an advantage for persons who suffer from allergies as they help keep the humidity low.

Also, persons who live in areas with high humidity will agree with me that moisture can be as discomforting as heat. Now, let?s imagine you happen to have a combination of the two in your living space, I can bet on anything that your environment will be a living hell. But luckily, since blaux provides a dehumidifying and cooling effect simultaneously, you need not bother about anything. You are completely covered.

This Portable ac is becoming very popular more than ever. This is due to a host of reasons that range from portability, efficiency and most importantly cost effectiveness. As people have kept seeing the importance of owning them, I?m certain they will keep growing.

Finally, when considering adding a low-cost effective cooling system this summer, it will be important to consider that blaux portable ac could be all you will ever need.

What customers say

Before putting up this review, we had to research extensively and in the course of that stumbled upon some reviews. Do check them out

?The office during summer is like being at hell. Blaux portable AC really saved me from 3 months of suffering! It?s such a small device that I can take it everywhere with me. No more sweat! The silent fan is really impressive. I can work without any distractions. 5/5?

?Sits on any desktop and very small, but produces clean cold wind. I love that it has a special filter using silver to kill germs in the air. that is a big plus to have clean air?

I live in an environment that has so much moisture. Over the past years, with each coming of the summer heats, I know that my room will be a living hell. I had to get this portable blaux portable ac; ever since then things never remain same. I can now enjoy my sleep in the afternoon without worrying about a sweat soaked cloth.

What is the price of this device and where can I buy one?

We cannot complete this blaux portable air conditioner review without letting you know the price of this air cooling unit and the safest, secured and best place to make your purchase if interested.

Like we always advise those who read our reviews, it is best to make your purchase from the manufacturers site. This ensures that you get exactly what you ordered for, get special discounts attached to products and also enjoy some benefits that acrue to customers.

It?s afforability coupled to its efficiency is what has got people talking. This air cooling unit is very affordable. A unit costs 89.99$. However, there are some other available packages. Two units will cost you 179.98$, three for 202.48$ and four for 247.47$.

More so these prices are actually due to a discount promo that is currently going on. You may want to buy yours during this period as discount offers like this never last long.

Multiple payment options are available including PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Amex, etc. and your payment information is always secure with a 256-Bit SSL encryption.

Who manufactures this unit?

Blaux is the brain behind this high tech equipment. This is a subsidiary of a Hong Kong-based company named Strong Current Enterprises. Strong current entertprise is a poerful ecommerce company.

We decide to add the contact of the company in this blaux portable ac review. We always do in all our reviews

  • Email:
  • Phone (USA): 609-414-7087
  • Phone (Canada): 778-300-0854
  • Phone (UK & Ireland): 08708 200084
  • Phone (Australia & New Zealand): (02) 8607 8316
  • Mailing Address: 68308, G/F Kowloon East Building, 12 Lei Yue Mun Road, Kwung Tong, Hong Kong

Below is a video that shows all you need to know about this ac unit. Feel free to take a look at it.

blaux portable ac reviews

Wrapping Blaux Portable ac reviews

If you successfully read everything in this review up to this point, kudos to you. It simply means that we can confidently classify you into groups.

The first are for persons who are yet to make up their mind on purchasing the blaux portable air conditioner. For this set of people, unfortunately we can?t make that decision for you. It all lies in your hands. Just take your time and think about it. Our opinion, is simple, with its low price, guarantee and even return policy attached to it, we believe that everything is directly in your favour so there?s really no risk if you really want to get this incredible device.

The 2nd group of people are those who are interested in getting this unit and taking advantage of their sweet bargain prices. For this group, I?d say you should act quickly and secure your device before prices go back up. You can purchase by clicking on the button below.

Thank you for reading our review

blaux portable ac reviews

Frequently asked questions about air coolers

Do i need to sit in front of the unit to receive cool air? No. The unit can blow the wind meters away from the machine.

Filling the unit with water? While filling it up manually, please switch off the machine, internal parts can get damaged, Because it?s moving at high speeds.

Does it have a pipe going out as all those big air conditioners? No, no pipes. Just add water.

Does it use air filters?

Yes. This device uses a dust filter which is fitted into its front. The filter is replaceable.

How can I ensure that my air conditioning unit lasts as long as possible?

The best thing you can do to prolong the life of your system is to have it regularly serviced by a professional. In addition, here are a few tips for easy things you can do to avoid costly air conditioning repair:

  • Keep leaves and debris from collecting around your outdoor air conditioning unit. This simple action prevents dirt from clogging up your system, and keeps airflow paths clear.
  • When arranging furniture layouts and carpeting installations, make sure air grills and ductwork are not blocked.
  • Use blinds and shades on west and south facing windows to keep out heat
  • in the summer.
  • Use programmable thermostats to reduce air conditioning usage when it?s not needed.

How to get the most out of your air conditioner

In order to get the best out your BLAUX Portable Air Conditioner, take note of the following:

  • Mind Where You Place It ? Choose to place this excellent device on a spot where you can easily turn it. This way, you can get a 360-degree cool air all day.
  • Filling The Tank ? Better if you fill the water tank with cold water or include some ice cubes on it. This is the best technique if you want to get a cooler room faster.
  • Air Conditioning ? Save electricity by turning off your larger ACs. For most room sizes, this portable air conditioning unit is quite enough.
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