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EqualPlus Reviews [2020] – Will These Glasses Make Your Vision Better?

Equalplus reviews

As you grow old, you may find it difficult to read. The books, newspapers, or magazines that you used to read comfortably may now become difficult to read. This is a medical condition known as presbyopia. It occurs in most individuals due to aging.

Usually, this condition occurs after the age of 40. People who had normal vision would now need reading glasses to be able to read properly and see near objects. If you had short-sightedness or myopia, then you would be using glasses or contact lenses. They will help you see objects far off easily.

If you develop near-sightedness, then you will face a problem. You need your regular glasses to see properly. But you also need special glasses or reading glasses for reading. You will now have two sets of glasses. Managing them can be a big problem. If you wear contact lenses, the problem worsens. You may need to have two sets of lenses. Alternately, you may have to take off your lenses and wear glasses for reading.

If you have faced this problem, then you need not worry. You now have an effective solution. The solution is called Equalplus. This product offers you adjustable lenses that can allow you to see thing near and far easily.

What Is Equalplus?

equalplus reviews

Equalplus is a set of adjustable progressive lenses that can be used to see things far and near. It has the special feature of two glasses in one frame. These glasses are of multiple thicknesses with different powers. A dial is given to adjust the lens. This ensures that you can change the power of your lens in an instant.

If you are short-sighted and want to read something, then move the dial until the text comes into focus. The glasses are now reading glasses. Once you finish reading, then twist the dial again in the reverse position. This will restore your earlier power allowing you to see far off objects easily.

Equalplus has adjustable glasses with a flexible and sturdy frame. This ensures that the spectacles have a long life. It offers comfort and convenience for the wearer. This makes it ideal for the use of people with presbyopia who need reading glasses.

Why Use Adjustable Lenses?

The glasses that people wear have a fixed power. This enables them to see properly. For those who have short-sightedness (myopia), the glasses will help them see far off objects clearly. Those who have long-sightedness (hyperopia) can see near objects clearly.

People who have both these problems will face a lot of difficulties. They would have weak vision, which makes it difficult to see far off objects. This makes it difficult to drive and carry out normal routines. Such people would have spectacles or contact lenses that correct the short-sightedness allowing them to see clearly.

As a person ages, they would find it difficult to read or see things close by clearly. They would then need reading glasses. Earlier there were glasses that had one power for three-quarters of the lens with different power for the lower one quarter.

Such glasses were very difficult to use. Opticians now offer reading glasses. So people need to maintain two sets of glasses, which can be very inconvenient. The chance of mixing up the spectacles, misplacing the spectacles, or losing them is high.

If the person sets out to drive wearing reading glasses, the situation can become problematic. Maintaining two sets of spectacles with different powers is difficult. This is why adjustable glasses are a great option. The adjustable glasses come with different powers, ranging from -6.00 to +3.00. What this means is that the same spectacles can be used for two purposes.

Using the adjustable glasses that Equalplus provides frees you from having to use separate reading glasses. With one set of spectacles, you can solve your problems of near and farsightedness and enjoy perfect vision.

Features Of Equalplus

equalplus reviews

1. Fully adjustable lenses

The lenses in the Equalplus glasses have fully adjustable lenses. Both the lenses have powers ranging from +3 to -6. This makes it helpful to treat near and long-sightedness. Changing the lens power is now easy.

All you need to do is twist the lens using the dial given with the glasses. Keep twisting the dial as you focus on text or a far off object. Adjust until your vision is clear. The fully adjustable feature of the lens makes this product a boon for people who need two sets of glasses.

2. Scratch-resistant lenses

Most spectacles have lenses made of glass that can have scratches if not used properly. Removing a scratch is not possible and it can affect vision. To solve this problem, the makers of Equalplus have made the lenses using a polycarbonate material.

This ensures that the lens is scratch-resistant. It is also strong and does not break. This makes it convenient for people who generally handle their spectacles roughly.

3. Classic and minimalist design

Equalplus offers a classic design. The frame of the spectacles has a design that is both classic and classy. This is a minimalist design at its best. Not all want a design that is flashy or trendy. Most people are happy wearing function glasses that look presentable.

Equalplus offers this kind of a look. The minimalist design looks good. It is also a trend nowadays, so don’t make the mistake of thinking that these glasses have an old type of design.

4. Easy to handle

For any product, user-friendliness is the key feature customers look for. The Eyeplus adjustable glasses are perfectly user-friendly. It is simple and easy to use. Even though it has the feature of adjusting lens power, the usage is extremely easy.

It is easy to handle the glasses and it does not require elaborate maintenance. It is sturdy and you need not bother about taking special care of it. The lenses are finger-print proof. You need not worry about having to clean it repeatedly.

5. Durable material

Both the lenses and the frame are made of durable material. The lenses are strong and scratch-resistant. They do not crack or break easily. The frame too is made from a durable and strong material.

This makes the spectacles sturdy with a long-life. The frame is also flexible, increasing the convenience for users.

6. Clarity of vision

The main reason why you want glasses is for vision correction. If you have defective vision, you will want it to be corrected. The Equalplus glasses have the best quality lenses that offer you a clear vision.

It solves both your near and farsightedness problems. Those whose eye power changes very fast will also find this product helpful. All that is required is adjusting the dial – and you can see with clarity.

7. Works like a professional camera

The Equalplus camera works like a professional camera. It has an in-built boomerang and asteroid types of cameras that allow you to take the best quality pictures and videos.

There is also an option to upgrade the camera to a high definition 720 p optical lens. This will allow you to further enhance image quality.

8. Comfortable to use

Just because the lenses are adjustable, you need not worry if it is comfortable to wear. The frame fits snugly in place. The nose pads of the frame are soft and do not put pressure on the nose bridge.

The lens offers a clear vision. The glasses are very comfortable to use. It offers all that regular spectacles would at the same comfort but with greater convenience.

9. Save money and time

If you need two sets of glasses for regular use and reading, you need to spend double. If your eye power changes frequently, you need to change the glasses regularly. This involves visits to the eye clinic, tests, and expenses.

With the Eyeplus glasses, all these expenses reduce. Invest once and get these spectacles. You can keep adjusting the lens power until you get a clear vision. Even if your power changes slightly, a minor adjustment takes care of your need. You can save a lot of money. You also save time spent waiting to meet the eye doctor.

10. Cost-effective

You may expect that a product like Equalplus would be very expensive! This is not the case. Equalplus is very cost-effective. You can get it below $90 (with a special offer). This is great pricing for such a feature-rich product.

EqualPlus Specifications

  • Polycarbonate lenses are scratch proof.
  • 1.27 ounces in weight (36 grams).
  • Adjustable dial to change the power of the glasses.
  • Comfortable nose pads.
  • Flexible frame for the glasses.

How Does Equalplus Work?

The Equalplus adjustable glasses have lenses with varying power that ranges from -6.0 to +3.0. This makes it suitable for both near and farsightedness. This is how it works:

Step 1: The glasses come with a dial that can be used to adjust the lens focus. Just move the dial to change the focus.

Step 2: The lens offers positive magnification up to +3 power. It offers zero magnification. It also has a negative magnification of up to -6.0 power. This makes it adjustable in nature.

Step 3: As you move the dial on the glasses, the lens moves to change the power. You can keep adjusting the dial for both the left and right sides until you are able to see perfectly.

What Makes Equalplus So Special?

equalplus reviews

People who need two sets of glasses find it cumbersome to manage the glasses. Mix-ups are inevitable. Some people have a condition known as progressive myopia, where their vision decreases slowly and steadily. This may make them have to change their glasses very frequently.

Equalplus is special because it offers the best solution for both these cases. Whether you have presbyopia or progressive myopia, this product will be useful for you. Those with presbyopia can adjust the lens to see normally and also use the glasses for reading.

Those whose eye power keeps changing quickly will find this product extremely convenient. They don’t have to visit the optical clinical frequently and spend a lot of money to change glasses. All that is needed is making a minor adjustment in the glasses using the dial provided. It increases the power of the lens allowing you to see perfectly.

There are dials provided on both sides of the glasses. If you have different powers for the left and right lenses, don’t worry. You can use the dials to change the power so that the left and right lenses have different powers.

What makes the product special is that the adjustable lenses are easy to use. It is not complicated and does not call for special instructions. The glasses are comfortable to wear. The minimalist design is convenient and looks good on everyone.

The material used to make the glasses is its special feature. Made from polycarbonate, the lens does not break nor does it scratch. This makes it a low-maintenance product. It is suitable for people who handle their glasses roughly. The lenses are also fingerprint-proof making them more convenient for use.

How To Use Equalplus?

The Equalplus adjustable lenses are very convenient to use. Even though there is a user manual, you are unlikely to need it. The product is very simple to use.

Step 1: Wear the glasses and cover the left eye. Use the dial on the right side to adjust the lens until you are able to see clearly.

Step 2: Now cover the right eye. Use the left side dial to adjust the lens until vision is perfect. That’s it! Your glasses are adjusted and ready to use.

Step 3: If you want to read, then hold a book in front of you. Adjust the dials again until the text in front of you is clear. Do this for the left and right sides. Once you finish reading, adjust the lens again to be able to see far off objects clearly.

Pros And Cons [Equalplus Reviews]

The pros and cons of Equalplus are given below. Go through them so you can get a clear idea about this product to help you decide if you should buy it.


  • Equalplus glasses have adjustable lenses ranging from -6.0 to +3.0. The power adjustment can be done easily using a dial available for the right and left lenses. This allows you to use one set of glasses for both reading and normal vision.
  • The glasses are made using durable and strong material. The lenses do not get scratched easily and they do not break easily. They are also finger-print proof. This product is low-maintenance.
  • Equalplus is comfortable to wear. It fits perfectly. The nose pads are soft and does not cause pressure.
  • The product design is minimalist, which is the trend nowadays. The classic design makes it look good for everyone.
  • The glasses offer a perfect vision. It is very convenient for people whose power changes frequently. It saves frequent visits to the eye doctor. You can make minor adjustments to the lens allowing you to fix your vision easily.
  • It saves the hassles of having two sets of glasses, for regular use and reading. One set of glasses solves the problem of near and farsightedness.
  • It is a lightweight product that is comfortable and convenient. It offers clear sight and ensures vision correction just as a regular pair of glasses would.
  • The unisex design ensures the same product can be used by men and women.


  • Equalplus is not available for sale in stores. You need to buy it online from the website of the company.
  • The glasses have a power range of -6 to +3. In case, your lens power falls out of this range, then this product may not be helpful.

Who Is Equalplus For?

equalplus review

If you have short-sightedness, use glasses, and need to use reading glasses due to vision problems, then this product is for you. You can avoid wearing two sets of glasses and instead use this adjustable glasses product.

People who have different powers for both the eyes and need reading glasses can use this product. They can adjust the power on both sides and use them as a solution for nearsightedness and farsightedness.

If you are having blurred vision or having headaches due to minor vision problems, you can use this product. Equalplus is suitable for those above 40 who get presbyopia and need reading glasses.

People who have progressive myopia where their power changes frequently will find this product useful. They can change their power easily and can save money and time. If you have trouble reading, then this product can help you see clearly.

When you have a problem driving at night, then you need vision correction. This product will be very helpful for you. It is meant for those who find regular visits to the doctor time-consuming and expensive. If you are worried about the cost of doctor visits and glasses, then this product is perfect for you.

Who Is Equalplus Not For?

Equalplus adjustable glasses are not meant for people whose power falls out of range. The range of eye power for which this product is suitable is +3.0 to -6.0. If you have power beyond this range, the glasses will not be helpful.

Equalplus is not a substitute for an eye doctor. It only corrects vision problems. You still need to visit a doctor for any eye problems.

It is not meant for people who have astigmatism. It is also not meant for those who have cataracts, they would need to see a doctor.

Equalplus Customer Reviews

Equalplus is an innovative product that acts as a boon for people who need two sets of glasses. This is why there are many positive reviews of the product online. The following are some customers’ review for Equalplus.

Joseph A., New Orleans, “Very handy glasses to have around. They’re fully adjustable and compact enough to take anywhere. Mine have worked great and I’m impressed with the quality for how inexpensive they were. These are all I need.”

Wendy L., Butte, MT, “Love these glasses! My normal glasses always seem to be out of focus all the time, but these inexpensive glasses can be adjusted to whatever I want. Perfect for reading at home or walking out in nature.”

Shawn L., Ft. Lauderdale, FL, “They’re the perfect quick fix for tired eyes! When my eyes are aching after a long workday in front of my computer; I like that I can remove my contacts. I can give my eyes a break with these adjustable glasses. Very convenient, and much-needed relief for my tired eyes.”

Who Is The Manufacturer Of This Product?

Equalplus adjustable glasses is a product designed to help people who want perfect eyewear. This product has been manufactured by a company called Quality Performance Limited. This company is based in Clifton in NJ. The company manufactures and markets these glasses.

How Much Does Equalplus Cost?

The price of Equalplus has been fixed at $120.90 for one pair. Since the product is offered online and there are no in-store expenses, the company regularly offers discounts. A discount of 35% is being offered and Equalplus is available at just $78.

In case you want an extra set to be on the safe side, you can order two sets. You will get a 51% discount and have to pay just $118.

If you want Equalplus for yourself and your spouse or anyone in the family, you can order multiple sets. Ordering three sets gets you a discount of 60% while ordering four sets gives you a discount of 65%.

The shipping charge for one set of glasses is $8.95, which makes the total order value of one set to $86.95. There would be a small increase in shipping charges when you order multiple sets of glasses. This offer is open until stocks last and the price can change.

Where To Buy Equalplus?

If you want to buy Equalplus, you will need to buy it from the manufacturer. They have a website called from where you can make the purchase. The process is simple. Select the number of sets you want, provide your address details, and make the payment. You can pay by credit card or PayPal.

The website offers secure online shopping. This ensures your transaction done online is safe. Once your order is placed, the product will be neatly packed and delivered to your home. This is the best and most convenient way to buy Equalplus.

What Comes In The Box?

What you get in the box depends on how many sets of the products you order. If you order multiple sets, you would get multiple Equalplus glasses in the box.

The box would contain one set of Equalplus glasses with an adjustable lens. The box will also have a user manual in English. This will be helpful if you have any doubts on how to adjust the lenses and use the product.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

When you buy products online, it is natural that you may worry about a damaged product. It is also possible that you don’t like or use the product after buying. Such cases are rare, but the makers of Equalplus have a provision for this.

A 30-day money-back guarantee is offered to assure customers of the product quality. In case you get a damaged product, send it back in the original packing and you will get a replacement. If you don’t want the product, send it back and you will get your money refunded (minus S&H).


The article gave you a complete picture of Equalplus adjustable glasses. The product features, benefits, pros, and cons were presented. If you still have any doubts about this product you can take a look at these questions and answer them.

  • Do you wear glasses to be able to see well and now need reading glasses?
  • Are you finding it difficult to read or see objects close by?
  • Do you find it difficult to manage two sets of glasses – one for regular vision and one for reading?
  • Are you concerned about the expenses involved in multiple visits to the eye doctor?
  • Are you finding it difficult to manage the costs of buying and maintaining two sets of glasses?
  • Does your power change frequently, forcing you to change glasses regularly?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Equalplus adjustable glasses are a product that you should consider. As per the manufacturer, it offers vision correction for a range of -6.0 to +3.0. This allows you to use one set of glasses to correct near and far vision problems. The use of a dial to adjust lens power makes this product very handy to use.

The durability of the product thanks to the material used is a great feature. The makers claim the product is low maintenance and the lenses do not scratch or break easily. Compared to regular glasses, this product offers many benefits. Above all, it is very cost-effective and offered with a money-back guarantee. With so many benefits, this is a product you can definitely consider buying. Click the button below to get yours.