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Lingoget Reviews [2020] – An Easy Way To Learn Languages

Lingoget Reviews

We live in a globalized world where barriers like culture and language have been broken. The world is now diverse with people of different races, cultures, and languages living together. The days of knowing only one language are over. In today’s globalized world, opportunities are awaiting across the world.

To grab such opportunities you need to know other languages. In your own country and city, you will find people of different languages. Learning other languages is enriching and helps communicate with others. It helps to understand other cultures. Learning new languages enhances your profile.

Many classes offer language training. Most of them are highly expensive or not up to the mark. With busy schedules, people do not have time to attend classes. They prefer self-learning. A new language is difficult to learn through books or watching online videos. It does not merely require a teacher. It requires a structured methodology and the use of technology to enhance the learning process.

Lingoget is a unique product that helps you learn other languages. You can learn not one but up to 40 languages. There are three different levels of learning. You can pick up 10,000+ words in other languages, which will help gain proficiency. The Muama Lingoget uses innovative methodology and speech recognition technology to help you master new languages easily and effectively.

What Is Lingoget?

lingoget reviews

Lingoget is a portable language tutor available in the form of a device. The device contains lessons in different languages that will help you learn the language. Depending on your needs, you can learn a language through three different levels – beginner, intermediate, and master.

It is not merely an audiotape that teaches you lessons or words but also makes use of speech recognition technology. This helps you learn a language in the right way – by speaking it. You can also use the device to translate what is being said into a foreign language.

The techniques used are repetitive memorization, speech recognition, and translation. These can help you learn a language very quickly. It is more effective than other methods. You can even connect the device to a smartphone using your app. This makes the use of this device to learn languages more effective.

Why Use A Device To Learn languages?

In the globalized world, you need to keep improving your skills to be ahead. One of the important skills is linguistic skills. Learning new languages can be helpful in your career. It is also a great way to get to know more about other cultures. A new language will help you interact with other people.

If you are busy and have no time to attend classes, then learning a new language becomes difficult. Video lessons are not very helpful as they are not interactive. The best way to learn a new language is to learn how to speak. Improving your vocabulary is a better way to learn than reading texts and writing exams.

Lingoget is a device that offers this facility. The device has lessons that focus on practical aspects of language learning. It does not use theory but uses words and their meanings. This kind of teaching methodology is effective. Learning becomes easy with this kind of an instructional system.

To learn a language you need to speak and you need to understand what others are speaking. Listening to recorded videos is not enough. You need to understand what people are talking about. The best way of doing that is to listen to conversations and understand their meaning. This will help you put your knowledge to a practical test.

The Lingoget device has a speaker and a microphone. The software in the device has speech recognition available. You can listen to a translation of people talking. You can talk into the device and get a translation. This is an effective way of learning.

To learn a language to be able to speak and understand, you need to know common words. You can learn most of these within a month of learning. This is the concept used in this device, which makes learning a new language easy.

Features Of Lingoget

lingoget reviews

1. Learn 30+ languages and 10,000+ words

Lingoget is a language tutor device that helps you learn new languages in an innovative way. The device helps you learn more than 30 different languages. You can pick up more than 10,000 words to help you gain fluency in the language.

Some of the languages you can learn include Arabic, German, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Greek, Hindi, Spanish, French, Italian, Malay, Russian, and Swedish. There are more than 40 different languages from different countries that you can learn.

2. Three levels of learning

Depending on your need to learn the language, you can learn how much you want. There are three levels of learning. You can start at zero and slowly move up the learning ladder. If you are satisfied with the basics of a language, the first level of learning would be sufficient.

Once you complete the first level, you can move on to the intermediate level to gain fluency in the language. If you already know the language, you can move to the third level. This is the level that helps you gain mastery over the practical use of the language.

3. Gain fluency in pronunciation

When you want to learn a new language, you mustn’t learn just vocabulary but even pronunciation. Most people who conventionally learn a new language know theoretical aspects and grammar but fail on the spoken part.

The ability to pronounce words is important. This shows your fluency in the language. This is where Lingoget can be very helpful. It uses memorization and repetition techniques to help you learn the right way to speak a language. You can be sure of pronouncing words right with this device.

4. Quick learning, effective learning

Learning traditionally is slow and time-consuming. There is a lesson plan including reading texts, learning grammar rules, and writing exams. This slows during the learning process. It makes you learn the language well but only theoretically.

The Lingoget way of learning helps you learn quickly. It is a focused learning that helps you learn quickly. It is an effective way of learning a language. This is what makes this device a great option for people who want to learn a new language.

5. Learn whenever you want and wherever you want

You don’t need to follow a schedule to learn using Lingoget. Learn at your convenience. Whenever you are free, pick up the device and start learning. While traveling on the metro or on the local bus, you will have free time. Spend time usefully to learn a new language.

You can learn at any time. There are no restrictions. The Lingoget device is handy and portable. Take it with you everywhere and learn new languages.

6. Use the power of speech recognition

One of the most attractive features of the Lingoget device is that it has speech recognition in-built into it. This allows you to speak in the language you are learning and get it translated. This feature can be very helpful while conversing with others.

When you are on a trip or even in your own city and you may meet people who speak other languages, talk to them. Keep the device on to get a translation. This is the best way to learn a language. Conversations with others help in making the learning more effective.

7. Anyone can learn

Lingoget is such a simple tool to use that it can be used by anyone. This tool is not necessarily for adults or people who need skills for a career. Even children can use the device to learn. Children who are fast in grasping new skills can learn a new language very quickly. This is a great way of utilizing the free time of your child.

Even the elderly can learn a new language. With free time on hand, they can learn at their pace and convenience. Learning a new language now is not limited to a few. Lingoget makes it available to everyone.

8. Comes with an enhanced battery

The Lingoget device has an enhanced lithium-ion battery. This allows you to use the device for a long time. The manufacturers claim that you can use the device for around 12 hours at a time. You can use the device at any time without worrying about the battery dying out.

You can use the USB cable provided with the device to charge it. This ensures you can reuse the device easily.

Lingoget Specifications

  • The device’s weight is 65 grams.
  • Dimensions of the device are 12.5 x 3.5 x 1.2 cm.
  • The built-in Lithium battery of 3.7 V, 800 mAH can be recharged.
  • 1-meter speech recognition distance.
  • Compatible with Android and Apple.

How Does Lingoget Work?

The Lingoget device is a handy tool to learn new languages. Experts in linguistics along with programmers have created this device that incorporates innovative teaching with technology.

Step 1: The Lingoget device is pre-loaded with lessons that focus on words, their meanings, and pronunciations. These lessons can be learned by listening to them using the teacher mode.

Step 2: The teacher mode allows you to learn lessons in more than 40 different languages. The lessons that are totally practical in nature are offered over three levels.

Step 3: The translator mode is a special feature of this device. When this mode is on, you can translate words that you speak or what is spoken by others. This is a good way to learn by understanding how people who know the language speak. The speech recognition feature in the device makes this possible.

What Makes Lingoget So Special?

lingoget review

Lingoget is a unique device that helps you learn new languages. This is the special feature of this product. The device helps you to learn nearly 42 different languages spoken across different countries. The makers claim that you can learn these languages in just 30 days. This is what makes this device special.

A special feature of this device is that it is available in two modes – teacher and translator. The teacher mode teaches you the language. Here, teaching is not through conventional lessons from a textbook. It teaches you words, their meanings, and the correct pronunciation.

The translator mode translates words from the language of your choice. You can speak into the device by pressing the speak button. You can also use this mode to talk to other people in this language. Their words will be translated by the device.

One more special feature of this device is that learning happens as per your need. There are three learning modes – basic, intermediate, and advanced. You can learn depending on how much of the language skills you require.

A special feature of this product is the availability of a mobile app. The app is available for both Android and Apple phones. You can use the app to control the device. Selecting the language and mode can be done through this app.

The Lingoget device is special because it used an innovative teaching methodology focusing on vocabulary. The use of technology makes this device special. Speech-recognition is used allowing you to learn by listening to others and understanding what they say.

How To Use Lingoget

The Lingoget device is very simple to use. You can download an app on your mobile phone to manage the device. It is offered in two modes as mentioned before. The teacher mode teaches words and meanings. The translator mode translates what is spoken.

Step 1: Switch on the device by using the power button. Use Bluetooth to connect it to the Lingoget app downloaded on your mobile phone. Make sure internet is turned on.

Step 2: Choose the language that you want to learn using the app. You can use the app to decide the level, which is basic, intermediate, and advanced.

Step 3: Press the listen button to use the teacher mode and listen to lessons. Press the speak mode to get a translation of what is being spoken.

Pros And Cons [Lingoget Reviews]

The pros and cons of Lingoget are listed below. Once you go through them, you will get a complete understanding of this device and know what it can do and what it can’t.


  • Lingoget is a language learning tool. It is available in the form of a device that is easy to use.
  • Lingoget device works using an enhanced lithium-ion battery. The battery has a long life of up to 12 hours. This means you can use the device for days together. You can recharge the device easily using the USB device provided.
  • The device has three levels allowing you to learn languages as per your requirements.
  • The device uses the translator and teacher modes to learn. You can either learn lessons or start speaking and get your words translated.
  • The device is useful to learn 40+ languages. This allows you to learn most of the popular languages spoken around the world.
  • There is an app available with this device. The app works on all smartphones. Once you download the app, you can use it to manage the device. Selecting languages and deciding the learning level and mode are easy using the app.
  • The device is lightweight and portable. You can slip it into your pocket or purse. This makes it convenient to take wherever you want. You can learn either while going to the office or during the lunch break.
  • The device has two buttons, speak and listen. You can use this device to speak and get it your words translated. Or you can use it to listen to lessons to improve your vocabulary.


  • Lingoget is available for sale only online. You will not find it at any stores.
  • The device used a practical approach to learning languages. If you want to learn to develop written skills, then this device is not suitable.
  • It covers 40 different languages. It is possible that the language you want to learn is not included in this.

Who Is Lingoget For?

lingoget review

Lingoget is a device meant for people who want to learn foreign languages. It is aimed at people who want to pick up spoken language skills.

The device is meant for people who do not want to waste time learning too much of theory or grammar rules. It is meant for people who want to learn quickly. The manufacturers claim that you can learn 40+ languages within 30 days with a mastery of 10,000 words.

The device is meant for people who do not have time to attend classes. The device helps them learn at their own convenience.

The device battery has up to 12 hours of usage time. This allows you to use the device for at least a week for a couple of hours daily. The device has a USB charger and you can use it to charge the device.

People who have free time while commuting using public transport can get this device. They can spend time fruitfully learning a new language.

The device is helpful for people who are starting from zero and want to learn a new language. It is also equally helpful for people who are familiar with the language and want to learn more.

Lingoget is meant for people who want to speak to people in other languages and learn through conversations. The translator mode of the device helps them get a translation of what is being spoken around them.

This device is meant for people who are looking to improve their career prospects. Learning a new language can open up opportunities in different countries. This is a way of improving skills that is helpful in today’s competitive world.

Who Is Lingoget Not For?

The Lingoget device is not meant for people who want to learn a language to learn about grammar and explore the texts related to the language. This is a practical course that focuses on vocabulary and speaking the language.

The Lingoget device is not meant for people who are not comfortable using gadgets for learning.

Lingoget Customer Reviews

Lingoget uses an innovative methodology for learning foreign languages. This makes it a very handy tool to learn a new language. Customers across the world have posted positive reviews about this product. Some of the reviews are shared below:

Jeff Sanders, “Definitely a very nice and innovative approach to learning new languages! I like that they focus on teaching you the everyday words and phrases that are important. It focuses on fast-paced learning rather than going through a bunch of books and tests. Would highly recommend!”

Andrew Johnston, “I think this is the best platform for Learn 40+ language in 30 days! Designed by our top scientific minds Lingoget uses REVOLUTIONARY speech recognition technology to make learning fast and effortless.”

Kevin Williams, “LingoGet is very helpful to learn foreign languages easily or to understand any conversation. I have also learned many languages with the help of LingoGet. It’s very easy to use. I highly recommend it.”

Who Is The Manufacturer Of This Product?

The manufacturer of the Lingoget device is UAB Ekomlita. This is a company located in Kaunas in Lithuania.

How Much Does Lingoget Cost?

Lingoget is offered at a list price of 177 Euros. The company is presently offering substantial discounts on the product. This discount is available for a limited time as long as stocks last. One device costs 89 Euros. Two devices cost 138 Euros.

There are two interesting offers that you can consider if your family/friends also want to pick up language skills. If you buy two devices, you will get one device free. You will pay 177 Euros, which means you get the device at just 59.

If you buy 3 devices, you get 2 for free. You can get devices for your entire family by paying 265 Euros. The price of one device works out to be 53 Euros. The company offers free shipping for all orders at present.

Where To Buy Lingoget?

Lingoget is available for sale online. You can buy it from the website of the company. The website is SSL secured so your financial information is protected. You can go ahead and safely place online orders and make payment online. The first step is to select how many devices you want. Then provide your personal details followed by your address.

Payment can be made through credit card or PayPal. Provide your credit card details (Visa/Mastercard) or use PayPal to make the payment. The website is verified by Visa, Mastercard, TrustE verified, and protected by McAfee and Norton. Once you make the payment, the order is placed. You can then get the product delivered to your home.

What Comes In The Box?

The box you get with the product contains the following:

  • The Lingoget device with an in-built Lithium-ion battery.
  • A USB cable to charge the device.
  • A user manual.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

The Lingoget device comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This device is a unique product with innovative features but since it is offered for sale online, customers may have apprehensions. A customer might worry if the product works as desired or is damaged on receipt. The money-back guarantee offers an assurance to the customer.

In case the customer is not satisfied with the product, they can contact customer support. They can then return the product and get their money back (after deducting postage and related charges). It is also possible to easily get a replacement in case the received product is damaged.


The article had complete details about the Lingoget language tutor device. The article listed the features of Lingoget, its benefits, and pros and cons. The information should have helped you understand all about the product.

If you still have any doubts about whether you should buy the product, take a look at these questions:

  • Are you interested to learn foreign languages?
  • Do you want to learn foreign languages quickly and not waste time on theory?
  • Are you interested in picking up conversational aspects of the language effectively?
  • Do you want a device that can translate what others are speaking?
  • Do you want a practical approach to learning foreign languages that uses technology?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you must consider buying Lingoget. This is a unique product that helps you learn up to 40 different languages within a month, as claimed by the company. The unique approach of the product in terms of focusing on words, meanings, and pronunciation makes it different.

You can learn through lessons and also through speech recognition.The methodology used to teach foreign languages ensures you can learn quickly. This is an effective way of learning that is practical in nature. The device can be used with an app. It is being offered at a very cost-effective price.

It also has a 30-day money-back guarantee. All these factors ensure this is a product you can consider buying. It is an innovative way of learning foreign languages and upgrading your skills. Click the button below to get yours.