10 Easy New Year’s Eve Crafts Ideas

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New year is a very special time in everyone’s lives and we all love to celebrate it in our different ways. Getting items to use during that period can be a hassle because of the multitude constantly getting into the stores to get one or two things for the celebration but we would be showing you 10 easy new year’s eve crafts you can make at the comfort of your home.

  1. DIY Party Hats

Nothing goes better than celebrating an event with party hats. In your home you can make a party hat and design it anyhow you want and the fact that you are doing it yourself leaves you open to so many options.

2. Dotted Balloons

Regular balloons are good for celebrations but you can just spice it up a bit by adding some designs on them. For example if you cant get dotted balloons you can just make them with a paint and brush.

3. DIY Party Cups

We have regular cups at home and most people use the red party cup but it doesn’t allow that much creativity. Instead a white cup is better because you can have any design on them in any color of your choice.

4. Emoji Props for photos

Nothing is more memorable in a festive season than the pictures taken. A perfect idea is to use emoji props in photos, it could be an emoji balloon, emoji art drawn on a cardboard, it could literally be anything.

5. DIY Confetti

Confetti’s were made for celebrations so it isn’t bad to make one for a festive period and what’s amazing is the fact that they are very easy to make.

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