oshen watch review

Oshen Watch Review – Read This Before Buying

Oshen watch Review

Its an apple watch replica no doubt but that is with good reasons, the manufacturers of this watch are basically following an idea that is proven to work.

Apple has done all the work by finding out whether buyers exist for a rectangle faced smartwatch, now what smart brands are doing is taking inspiration from that concept and coming out with new and exciting innovations on that original concept.

Today we will be talking about one such brand. The Oshen Watch, catchy name right?

But name aside, what has this watch got going for it?

Does it have any features that you actually care about?

What about the flaws, surely all products have one flaw or two?

In this article you will learn about all that and much, much more. The goal is to give you every piece of information you might need in finally making that all-important decision ?should you purchase the Oshen watch smartwatch or Not.

Get ready to become an Oshen watch expert.

Excited? Good, let’s dive in..

Oshen Watch Review

The Oshen watch is a smartwatch designed with two things in mind. Quality and style. It is a high-end smartwatch with lots of interesting features (We’ll get into that later). It designed by the same Chinese manufacturers that produce a lot of the well know smartwatch brands out there so you can be sure of excellent build quality.

Oshen Watch Specifications

Device Size44 * 38 * 10.7mm
Device Weight50g
ChargingUSB Charging
ColorBlack or Silver
Screen Display1.5 HD IPS, 240 * 240 Touchable Screen
Bluetooth3.0 & 4.0 Support Bluetooth Calling
Battery380 MAH Large capacity Polymer
IP rating IP67 ( or 5ATM )

What I like About the Oshen Watch Smartwatch

Design and Feel

oshen watch review

The Oshen watch is made from high-quality materials and has sleek smooth curves that give it a luxurious feel. The front and back are cased in glass which wipes easily and looks impressive

The comfortable strap is made from silicone and feels great when worn, making it perfect for exercise and casual use.


This is a feature of the Oshen watch I like a lot. For those trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle, cardio is highly recommended. Whether it’s walking or running, you can still get the expected health benefits. Make the Oshen watch your personal cardio coach with its inbuilt pedometer

Direct phone calls via the built-in speaker and microphone

Yeah, that’s right, you can answer your calls directly from your Oshen watch via the built-in speaker and microphone. Which are both of high quality so your call will be as smooth or crisp as normal.

You might be wondering why you would need to answer your phone calls from your watch in the first place, why don’t I just use my phone?

Well in scenarios when you are exercising or your phone isn’t just with you (maybe you are charging in your room), it can be a bother to start scruffling for your phone when you could just pick up the call directly from your smartwatch that you were already wearing.

Aside from answering and making calls, the Oshen Watch can also do a lot of the crucial features a smartphone can do. It can check messages, check your call logs, set alarms, and even speak to your calendar to set reminders.

It’s like having the power of a smartphone on your wrist.

Battery That Lasts As Long As You Do

oshen watch review

Short story; 3-5 days of battery life depending on usage

Long Story; The Oshen Watch battery life is designed to last as long as you want it to, it depends on how intense you use your smartwatch, are you blasting music 24/7 or are you using it to check up on your messages or make some calls here and there you decide.

Whichever way you can be sure of a reasonably long battery life that lasts anywhere from 3 to 5 days.

On top of this, it only takes 1 hour to charge via USB which is better than most of the competition. This is all because of the amazing 380mAh battery, which is quite high for smartwatch standards.

Vibrant Display

oshen watch review

Your smartwatch is only as good as the quality of the on-screen display.
The Oshen watch is good in this department with its high-quality HD retina display, which matches those of higher-end brands.

I don’t know about you but if I am shelling out hundreds of dollars for a smartwatch, it better have a really good display, no one wants to be looking at blurry icons on their smartwatch

The Oshen Watch has got you covered in this department.

What I Don’t Like About Oshen Watch

It can only be bought online

Unfortunately, the Oshen watch can only be bought online from the brand’s official website, this is done to reduce the cost of the gadget.

Selling through retailers will add a markup to the price. So although this might be a turn off for some people as they would like to see and feel the watch before buying, it is also a good thing for some, because direct-to-consumer means lower prices for the consumer in the end

It looks too much like the Apple Watch

This is also another thing I don’t like about the Oshen watch, its resemblance to the Apple watch. I feel they should have come up with a more original design, to make their brand stand out, but oh well, I guess they were following what works in the marketplace as Apple watches have been proven to sell well.

Also, some people might even like the fact that it resembles an Apple watch, those cost a premium price but you can buy something quite similar at a quarter of the price with the Oshen watch. Seems like a good deal.

Who is the Oshen watch Perfect For?

This is an interesting question.

But I will do my best to answer it.

Firstly, if you’ve ever wanted a nice smartwatch, say an Apple Watch or the Samsung Galaxy smartwatch but felt it was too expensive for you, then the Oshen watch will be perfect for you. It has a lot of the cool features all these high-end smartwatches have but it costs just a fraction of the price, plus its looks and design are pretty sleek.

Secondly, if you’ve never owned a smartwatch then the Oshen watch makes for a good low-priced introduction to the world of smartwatches where you will experience all the cool stuff a smartwatch can do like tracking your sleep pattern, step counting, counting your pulse rate, making phone calls and so much more.

Lastly, the Oshen watch is a pretty neat all-round smartwatch, so if you were thinking of getting a smartwatch, and you are looking for the best value for your money, then this is a good choice for you.

What’s The Price & Where Can I Get The Oshen Watch

Whenever you decide to purchase a product online, the safest and most secure option will always be the product?s official website.

Here, you can guarantee that you?ll receive a product that lives up to all your expectations, as well as learn about special offers and promotions that will make the product even more tempting.

The official price of the Oshen watch $49, which is still a lot cheaper than other smartwatches which are loaded with the same features as the Oshen watch.

With that said, if you are interested in purchasing the Oshen watch then click the button below to be navigated to the brand’s official website.

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