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RangeXTD Review

The Problem with Slow WiFi Connections

If there are a lot of people living in your house and everyone has their own electronic devices that they cannot do without, slow Internet connections could definitely be a problem. For non-techies, this scenario can be even more frustrating because it can be difficult to figure out what to do about the problem. Your Internet service provider (ISP) may be of no help so you may have to figure out what to do on your own. That sounds like a ton of stress. For starters, let’s talk about the three things that can affect your WiFi speed.

  • The type of Internet access you’ve chosen. Dial-up connection, although rare these days, is extremely slow. DSL starts to reduce the usable bandwidth once it gets to 1.2 miles or further. Cable connections are not that much better than DSL and WiFi itself can be affected by the other electronic devices found nearby, even a telephone. All of these, in other words, can cause problems with your Internet connection.
  • The health of your computer. Internet speed can be affected by viruses, spyware, add-on programs, the programs you’re using, the amount of memory you have, and the space available on your hard drive. You can improve the situation by periodically cleaning up the computer to get rid of temporary files and anything else that might be slowing down your WiFi connection.
  • External factors. These are things that are normally out of your control, such as computer viruses or traffic jams on busy websites as well as problems with your local Internet connection.

Fortunately, eliminating or reducing most of these problems is fairly easy to do once you determine what the problem is. And it’s important to do so even though it may not get rid of all the problems you’re experiencing. Regular cleaning of your computer is important, however.

What Is RangeXTD?

RangeXTD is a device that is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand and it is plugged into any wall outlet to increase the speed of your Internet connection. What it does is boost the range of your current router. It has built-in dual antennas and a speed of up to 300 Mbps. You can also purchase a portable RangeXTD that you can bring with you everywhere you go; you simply plug it directly into your computer, sort of as you would a zip or flash drive.

The RangeXTD is a convenient and very efficient device that is also reasonably priced. And you don’t have to buy tons of them just to get the effect you’re looking for. Most people find that buying one for each floor of the home will suffice so if your home is one level only, you likely just need one RangeXTD.

RangeXTD Specifications

The RangeXTD has the following specifications and advantages:

  • It supports encrypted WPA2-PSK or WPA-PSK signals.
  • It provides speeds up to 300 Mbps.
  • It has LEDs that detect signal strength.
  • It comes with two built-in antennas.
  • It is small and compact at 4” x 4” x 3” in size and weighing a mere five ounces.

Compact in design and super lightweight, the RangeXTD is easy to use and easy to carry around wherever you go.

Features of RangeXTD

When it comes to advantageous features and benefits, the RangeXTD has no shortage of them. Some of its many features include the following:

  • It comes with two 3D antennas. This makes for a very strong and reliable signal.
  • It has excellent expandability. You don’t have to put up with dead zones and there’s no need to worry about limiting the number of devices you use.
  • It is protected from overheating. There is no need to worry about the device burning up and becoming dysfunctional.
  • It is super easy to set up. You don’t have to be a computer nerd to set this device up.
  • It is very secure. This means that you don’t have to worry about other people having access to your personal information.
  • The company offers excellent customer service. On the rare occasion when something does go wrong, you have someone to turn to.
  • It is well designed to be portable. You can take it everywhere you go with ease.
  • You get three connection modes: access point, router mode, and repeater mode. This means that there are different ways to use the device and make sure that it works efficiently.
  • You get three signal strength indicators. You’ll know just how strong your signal is at any given point.
  • You get fast data transfer of up to 300 megabits per second (Mbps) transfer of 2.4G data. With rare exceptions, this speed will be appropriate for all users.

In short, this easy-to-use device works! And it works well. Best of all, you don’t have to know anything about computers to make it work. Just plug it in and let it do its job!

How Does RangeXTD Work?

The RangeXTD is essentially a WiFi repeater, which means that it amplifies the signal of the router and can also be used over several floors. It can be thought of as a WiFi router that gets rid of all of the dead zones in your home as long as it’s being used correctly.

RangeXTD is a WiFi extender that uses your own router to make your connection better. Wherever you feel the need to boost your WiFi connection, just plug it into any standard outlet in your home or office to extend the connection. This allows you to boost your WiFi and get rid of all weak signals and dead zones. The best part about the RangeXTD device is that you simply plug it in and forget about it. No special tools or additional parts are needed. The setup is simple and works with your existing router and connection.

What Is So Special About RangeXTD?

The RangeXTD device is unique for several reasons. The most important one is that it works. Even if you’re computer illiterate and don’t understand how it works, that is never a problem. The setup is simple, it works immediately, and it is inexpensive as well. In most reviews by real-life customers, there were very few below three stars and most reviews were either four or five stars.

And in case you’re wondering, there are other devices on the market that are similar to the RangeXTD but when you compare all of the various features, it’ll be easy to understand why this one comes out on top every time.

Why Choose RangeXTD Over Other WiFi Boosters?

One of the biggest advantages RangeXTD offers over other similar devices is that it is super easy for beginners to learn. If you’ve always had problems with dead spots in your home or office, the RangeXTD is the answer you’ve been looking for. Plain and simple, the device works. Some high-tech routers on the market are complicated to set up and very expensive but RangeXTD is neither of these. The two antennas allow for a greater reflection of signals and its ease of use cannot be overstated. And naturally, the low price charged for the device makes it even more enticing for all users who need stronger Internet connections.

How to Use RangeXTD

Before you use it, you should synchronize your router and the WiFi repeater with each other. To do this, just plug in both devices into power outlets that are close to one another, then press the buttons on both the router and the repeater. Sometimes this step takes a while but if your WiFi router’s light is lit up, you’re ready to plug in the RangeXTD device. At this point, all you have to do is plug it into a power outlet. After you do this, it will connect via WLAN to the router and reproduce the signal in amplified form.

This is one way to use the RangeXTD device. If you want to use it as a router, just connect it via the LAN cable, which should be connected to the telephone socket. An Internet connection is established at this point because the access data is entered via the computer.

If all this sounds complicated, do not worry. Your RangeXTD device will come with explicit step-by-step instructions that make everything very easy for you to set it up and the steps take much less time than you think.

Pros and Cons of RangeXTD

As with any product, the RangeXTD comes with a set of pros and cons, as determined by customer ratings and comparisons by the experts to other products. In fact, almost any RangeXTD review will mentioned these advantages and disadvantages of the device, which include the following:


  • Data transfer is very fast and secure
  • It offers excellent expandability
  • It expands signal strength and greatly reduces any dead zones
  • It is very affordable
  • It offers three versatile modes
  • It is very easy and fast to set up
  • It is very portable and easy to carry with you as you travel


  • For now, it can only be purchased online so inventory may eventually become scarce
  • It only has two antennas instead of three
  • It is single band
  • Some users think that it could be a little faster

The company has given the device a new and improved design, which allows you to get even wider coverage and a stronger connection. Best of all, you can immediately upgrade your WiFi connection speed by paying for this device just once and never adding another cent to your monthly Internet bill. With RangeXTD, you get both power and mode controllers, Wizard installation, and one LAN port as well as one WAN/LAN jack. The device can also be connected to almost any device including smartphones, PCs, tablets, and more.

In addition, even though RangeXTD has its share of disadvantages, most users rate it very highly and consider the purchase to be a very smart decision. Official rating sites usually give it nine-star ratings (out of a possible ten stars), and most customers have given it a four- or five-star rating out of a possible five stars. This says a lot for the product.

Who Is RangeXTD Best Suited for?

Naturally, the RangeXTD device is advantageous for everyone because anyone can live or work in a location where the Internet is spotty. For workplaces, great Internet connectivity is a must, especially when there are a lot of workers there, and RangeXTD is the perfect solution. Homes with large families will also benefit greatly from one of these devices so if your teenagers and their electronics are causing your WiFi connection to be super slow, the RangeXTD can be a big help.

Essentially, anyone with a slow WiFi connection and a lot of people who rely on that connection for work or home use can benefit greatly with a RangeXTD device. If you’re lucky enough to have only a few people in your home or office and your Internet connection speed is just fine, you won’t need this device. Otherwise, you’re likely to need the RangeXTD device.

How Safe and Effective Is RangeXTD?

According to all customer reviews, there is no reason to believe that the RangeXTD is anything but completely safe and secure. Whenever you bring new electronic items into your home or office, you have to be cautious about security and safety but there aren’t any problems in this area with the RangeXTD device. If your modem is WPS-enabled, the RangeXTD provides you with a secure WPS connection with the touch of a button. Instead of acting as a wireless router, the device has LAN ports so you can connect your computer to it with an Ethernet cable, making it much more secure than data that has to travel via a wireless connection that can be intercepted much more easily.

In addition, the device is very portable; therefore, you can use public WiFi to get your own secure connection. All of these things make the RangeXTD device very safe and secure for you to use.

Customer Reviews of RangeXTD

The vast majority of customer reviews for the RangeXTD are very positive. If you’re not convinced, all that you have to do is conduct an Internet search of the product and you can see for yourself. Below are just a handful of the positive customer reviews for this amazing product:

RangeXTD has worked wonders. My WiFi never even reached the kitchen but now I can watch YouTube videos from my garden if I want to! (Lydia R., Santa Fe, NM)

Shipping was super fast so that was a great bonus. I received my RangeXTD within a couple of days and ever since, my connection’s been great. I really need a reliable connection at all times for my work so RangeXTD has been a huge help. (Chris G., San Bernardino, CA)

I have two RangeXTDs already, one for upstairs and one I bought a week afterwards that’s downstairs, and I don’t know how I got along without them before. I mean, I do, but there was a lot of lagging and readjusting to get out of dead zones. RangeXTD fixed all of that and now I can use WiFi from anywhere in my home! (Rick T., Gatlinburg, TN)

No more buffering!!! I ordered one of these for my living room and now my TV can stream anything from YouTube or Netflix at full speed, no problem. (Luis R., Atlanta, GA)

I’ve tried other WiFi boosters before but unless I was standing right next to them, they barely made a difference. This is totally different!! I put one in my upstairs hallway and now the entire floor has a crazy-fast connection. (Joseph P., Minneapolis, MN)

RangeXTD Price

The RangeXTD is sold for $49.95 through the company’s website but you can also get a set of three for $112.39, which means that you get a discount on each of the devices. Indeed, when compared to some of the options your ISP offers you, these devices are extremely reasonably priced. You can also get a set of 2 for $99.90 and a set of 4 for $149.85. If you need three or four of these devices, the per-device price will be very low indeed.

Where to Buy RangeXTD

The RangeXTD is advertised on a few sites but they usually have a button that you click on to take you directly to the company’s website. The best way to order the product is therefore to go straight to that website to place your order. It can be found at


RangeXTD has done an excellent job of creating a device that can quickly and easily take care of any problems you have related to spotty WiFi connections and dead zones in your home or office. It acts as a WiFi router and simply connects to any power outlet that you have. It works quickly as well and it is completely secure because it doesn’t require any type of wireless connection that can be insecure at times.

The two biggest advantages of choosing RangeXTD are that it works and it is inexpensive to boot. If you have a large family or a lot of coworkers and you need reliable Internet connections 24/7, you need the RangeXTD device. And if you don’t like it, do not worry because the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee that provides you with the peace of mind you need and deserve. Click the button below to get yours now.

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