tvfix caster review

TVFix Caster Review [September Update] – Best Device In 2020?

Tvfix caster review

Do you enjoy watching Netflix on your phone?
Or perhaps you are more of the video game type, playing the games you love.

If you’re like me then I’m sure you’ve thought of streaming your phone screen on your big screen TV. You know what I mean.
Connecting your phone or laptop to your tv and enjoying your favorite show in a crisp 4k display.

Unfortunately doing that required various wired connections and technical hurdles until now.
TvFix caster claims to put an end to that problem, allowing you to stream whatever you’re watching om your smartphone or laptop straight to your big screen television, at a price so low, you’d be wondering what’s the catch.

In this article, we will go through the pros and cons of this device, its features, and benefits,  and if we think its right for you. Sounds good? Let’s get started.

What is Tvfix Caster?

TVFix caster review
TVFix caster review

With a new product comes a lot of false information. The tvfix caster is no different as quite a few review sites already put out misplaced facts about it. These would undoubtedly raise the expectation one would have for this product. The end results being a disappointment when it doesn’t do exactly as said.

With this article, we hope to set things straight and help you filter out all the crappy info out there. We’re going to tell you everything you need to know about tvfix caster both what it is and what it isn’t.

First of all, to disprove that narrative, tvfix caster does not give you free channels out of nowhere.

Simply put, this device reflects whatever is on your phone screen to your TV just like a mirror.

Tv Fix Caster is a little device that basically allows you to connect your phone or laptop to a big screen TV without the need for unnecessary cables. It allows you to watch your favorite TV shows or programs on television from your phone.

Any TV bought in this age almost definitely has an HDMI port. All you do is just plug in Tvfix caster to the HDMI port of your television and connect it to your phone or laptop using wifi. With that, you’re set!

Well, if you inherited your grandpa’s television and it doesn’t have an HDMI port, don’t freak out yet. You can just walk into a store and cop a VGA to HDMI adaptor. It is really cheap.

You already caught a hint but the last piece to complete this experience is your smartphone or laptop. You could avoid a dip in your budget with just your phone, television, and Tvfix caster.

‘But some other products could do that, even my phone can’. After knowing this much about Tvfix caster, I’m 100% sure that’s what is going on in your head. Well. you’re not wrong but Tvfix caster takes it up several notches. Quality and Security.

This might marvel you, Tvfix caster outperforms its competitors but still sells for a fraction of their price. Well, I’m amazed, I dunno about you.

Equipped with 1080 HD streaming ability, Tvfix caster is able to project whatever you’re watching onto your television with a crisp and crystal clear display. As long as the app is open on your phone, you have access to almost all the major social media platforms.

Do not worry about your security and privacy. Tvfix caster does not spy on you or contain any surveillance part.

Connecting to your phone or laptop doesn’t have to be a hassle. It will just take you some seconds and you are good to go. If you own a tablet, don’t feel left out, it is also compatible. This device has many options so that you can be able to connect irrespective of the device.

The role Tvfix caster was made to fulfill is to save you some cash. You would agree with me that it costs a fortune to own a smart TV. By getting Tvfix caster, you get all the cool features while still keeping your pocket heavy. Besides, you should note that you can use this device on any TV and not just one. Pick it up, go to your friend’s house, do the connections, and voila.

Having delivered all its functions as promised, Tvfix caster has become popular in the United States of America, Australia, the United Kingdom, and many more countries around the world. It is a very formidable product as it doesn’t have limitations.

The TVFix Caster uses the apps that are already on your smartphone or tablet to broadcast video to your television. And it does it completely wirelessly over your Wi-Fi network.

Why Would I Want To Stream My Phone Screen On My Tv

TVFix caster review
TVFix caster review

You might probably be asking yourself that question. You are already watching your favorite show on your laptop, why would you want to stream it on your television set.

For starters, why not?
It saves you money, rather than paying for your cable network, you could just stream your Netflix/Hulu from your mobile phone to your television screen to enjoy a much better movie experience.
Think of it as a wireless HDMI cable for your laptop or mobile phone.

Features of TvFix Caster

TVFix caster review

Ease of Use

It is exceptionally simple to use. All that is needed is to connect your TV Fix caster to your television using an HDMI cable.

Then connect the Tvfix to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop using wifi and there you go.

HD quality

Tvfix caster does not tank when it comes to quality, as a matter of fact, that it where it excels. It projects high-resolution videos up to 4k. Although the quality of the video stream depends on your televisions max quality capabilities. Here’s what I mean.;

If your tv is a 1080p Hd television then you can expect to enjoy your video stream in 1080p HD format. Likewise for 4k display screens.


There is no recurring bill on this item. You simply make a one-time installment and this TV Fix caster is yours.

The price of a tvfix caster which will be revealed below is extremely budget friendly which is huge “plus” for most people.

Some folks even increased their savings by canceling their normal cable subscriptions arguing that they could just stream the favorite TV shows from their mobile device rather than paying for cable tv and then paying for Netflix and other services too.

How Does The TvFix Caster work?

TVFix is a streaming media player that plugs into your television through an HDMI cable, allowing you to stream video from your phone, tablet, or computer.

The TVFix Caster uses the apps that are already on your smartphone or tablet to broadcast video to your television. And it does it completely wirelessly over your Wi-Fi network.

The connection can be completed in a jiffy giving way for a memorable TV experience. Tvfix caster has an advantage over many others because it isn’t connected to a big company. By so, it doesn’t store your data to be used or sold for any reason.

What Makes TvFix Caster special?

TVFix caster review

In my opinion the tvfix caster has some benefits to the end user that makes it a special device you should consider buying. Here they are;

  • The device is versatile, it syncs with most smartphones and laptops meaning you can enjoy using your Tvfix to stream your favorite shows from your android phone, iPhone or laptop straight to your tv screen.
  • It relatively easy to use, you don’t need to be super technical to enjoy the benefits of your TvFix.
  • You can control your Tvfix right from the convenience of your smartphone.

How to use a Tvfix Caster

The device is straightforward to use. There are the four simple steps you have to follow to enjoy your video streaming. You don’t have to rack your brain to find the right way, just do these;

Step 1 – Plug in the TVFix Caster gadget to your Television.

Step 2 – Switch the TV setting to HDMI.

Step 3 – Connect your TVFix caster to your smartphone using wifi network

Step 4 – Control the Tvfix caster with your smartphone (remember to establish a stable internet connection)

Once you’ve taken the steps you can stream what you’re watching on your mobile device to your big screen TV at an amazing quality and assured privacy.

Benefits Of Using TVFix Caster

TVFix caster Reviews
TVFix caster Review

Quick Installation And Easy Usage: With the ease that comes with Tvfix caster, all you need to do is to plug it to your TV and use your phone as a remote control. Tvfix caster permits you to watch an endless number of high-quality videos.

Saves You Money On Cable Bills: What’s the point of paying when you can have something for free?

When using Tvfix caster, you do not need to be bothered about cable bills. You can enjoy any channel or station at no cost with just your smartphone, TV, and Tvfix caster, no cable service has to be involved.

No Smart TV Necessary: To eliminate the high cost it takes to get a cinematic experience at home, Tvfix caster is made to work with any television set you have, be it old or new.

I’m sure you can attest to how expensive a smart TV can be. Tvfix caster is offering to give you the same experience if not more at a very affordable price. It is also mind-blowing how this device allows you to do other things with your phone while streaming videos on your TV.

No Monthly Bills: With Tvfix caster, it is only a one-time payment which is its purchase. There are no recurring fees whatsoever after you’ve bought this piece of tech.

Easy Setup: Using this device for the first time is very easy. There is no hassle while setting it up and it is completed in seconds. You don’t need any special skills to be able to do this.

In the rare case where you get confused, you can always go through the manual to get your bearing back.

Works With Any Television Set: Be it old or new, Tvfix caster is made to work on any television set you might have.

Experience High Definition Video And Audio: This is one major area where Tvfix caster scales over other casters or even cable TV. This device puts out such high-quality video output that makes people choose it over any other.

You agree with me that it’d be worth every penny if you buy a device that streams video and audio at the highest possible quality, right?

30 day Money Back Guarantee: After buying Tvfix caster, you have 30 days to test it and return if it doesn’t meet your criteria. You will be refunded fully without questions asked.

This will tell you how confident the producers are about Tvfix caster.

Pros and Cons of the TVFix Caster

It is very important to know the positives and negatives of any product before you proceed to buy. Here are (in my opinion) the pros and cons you can expect from using this device.


  • The Best Selection Of Channels and Content: Most of the major streaming-video services are supported, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, YouTube, HBO Now/Go, Showtime, MLB, NBA, and Sling TV.
  • No Smart TV Required: The TVFix Caster will work with any television that features an HDMI input. And you can still talk on your smartphone, even while the TVFix Caster is playing video on your TV!
  • Super Easy To Install and Use: Just plug TVFix into your TV’s HDMI input and control your video playback over Wi-Fi using your smartphone, tablet, or computer as the controller. The quality of the video is incredible, and it’s free FOREVER! No subscriptions, monthly fees, or anything else that needs to be paid for!
  • A Huge Money Saver: Why spend hundreds of dollars a month on a cable subscription to watch your favorite shows when you could just pay a few dollars for a Netflix subscription, and stream it to your big screen tv with the TVFix caster. The Tvfix caster is also a one-time low payment as opposed to the regular monthly payments of cable TV.
  • Well Protected: With TVFix caster, your privacy and security is assured.
  • Portable: Because of its very small size, this device can easily be moved around and taken anywhere.


  • Tvfix caster can only be purchased online 
  • Limited stock 
  • Some customers have complained of extended shipping times
  • It does not make any noise
  • It can be easily forgotten after being plugged in

The TVFix caster Installation Guide And Setup

At this point, you already have a good knowledge about TVFix caster and everything you stand to gain by using it. Well, let’s crank it up a notch and talk setup and installation. As I’ve emphasized multiple times, the setup of this device is easier than anything I can think of. Just look at the steps and see for yourself;

1. Unbox the TVFix caster and plug it into the HDMI port on your television.

TVFix caster Reviews

2. Next is to go on and connect the TVFix caster to the included USB power cable.

TVFix caster Reviews

3. After the device has been connected to your TV, use your TV remote to switch to HDMI mode(on your TV)

TVFix caster Reviews

4. THe last step is to pair your TVFix caster with your smartphone usuing wifi.

TVFix caster Review

There you have it, easy peasy. If carried out as wriiten above, it shouldn’t take you more that a few minutes to setup this device.

Is TVFix Caster Suited For You?

TVFix caster Reviews
TVFix caster Review

The short and most appropriate answer to that is yes. TVFix caster is ideal for those who yearn to enjoy their streamed shows or games on a bigger screen with good quality video and audio.

A lot of people have used this device and have voiced their satisfaction with it. This is mainly because they say it is not associated with security risks or privacy breaches like other casters /smart TVs.

As you already know, TVFix caster does not have an affiliation with any big company. Therefore whatever you’re watching or viewing just stays between you and your television.

One of the strongholds of this device is the assurance of secure transfer of information from your gadget to your television without interference. I’m pretty sure this level of security and privacy is what many are looking for.

Not only is it incredibly simple to use, but it is also portable and convenient to carry around. Moreover, it is not selective of old or new TV as it works just fine with about any television available.

High quality video, wireless streaming….talk about the ultimate home cinematic experience.

TVFix caster can also work on different TVs, it isn’t just limited to yours. So if you want to gather at your friend’s place to stream a live football match, all you need to do is bring this device along and you can enjoy the match in HD quality.

Also, if you have been complaining of your ever-increasing cable bills then TVFix caster would be of benefit to you. With this device, all you ever need to spend is on purchasing. After that. there is no recurring bills or anything like that. Just imagine the amount you will save in a year if you subscribe to Netflix instead of cable TV.

Customer Reviews

Quite a number of people have been satisfied with TVFix caster and took to the internet to express their feelings. I can’t post all the reviews about this device here, but these are a few;

“Saved me a fortune! I realized that over the years, I’ve paid thousands of dollars for a bunch of different channels (because they were all forcibly bundled into “packages”…), but I realized I only watched a select few. After I discovered TVFix, I realized I could stream all my favorite shows for so much less.” Thank you TVFix!” – Peter S. – Montgomery, AL

“Great picture quality “My eyesight isn’t what it used to be, so when I found out I could watch TV shows and even read the news from my 60″ TV instead of my dinky phone screen, I immediately bought one for every TV in my house. It’s amazing how sharp the picture is and how even live-streamed sports don’t buffer or lag. I’m thinking of buying a few as gifts, the value is amazing!” – Ryan D. – Albuquerque, NM

“TVFix freakin’ rocks! Some of the major football games weren’t available on TV in my area, so I was stuck with watching them on my tiny cellphone screen. But now with TVFix, I can watch the big game right on my giant TV! Instead of squinting at a tiny screen, I now throw viewing parties with all my friends. I wouldn’t go back to cable if you paid me a million bucks!” – Mark G. – Tampa, Florida

“Cable bills were really getting me down. I hated having to pay for a ton of channels that I never even watched. But thanks to TV Fix, I can watch the shows I want to watch, without having to pay for all the junk. It really has transformed the way I watch TV, and for the better!” Clarice N. – Peoria, Illinois

“TV Fix was so easy to set up! Listen, I’m not a computer specialist or anything like that. When it comes to tech, I’m completely clueless. But the setup with TV Fix was so easy, even an old Luddite like myself could do it. It couldn’t have been easier!” Austin H. – Fort Worth, Texas

Who Is The Retailer Of TVFix Caster?

That it is sold online doesn’t mena you cant’t know the retailer behind this device.

TVFix caster is marketed by a compny named Think Tech Sales Limited. More of the company’s information is given below.

Address: Think Tech Sales Limited 62544, G/F Bamboos Centre, 52 Hung To Road, Kwung Tong, Hong Kong
US: +1 855 884 0385
CA: +1 844 846 5323
UK & Ireland: +44 3308 081445
AU & NZ: +61 8 7282 2000

Price Of TVFix Caster

This casting device is sold at a cheap price compared to any other out there. Coupled with its top notch quality, it is no wonder that people are raving about it.

The price of TVFix caster currently is $99.99. A one time payment for long lasting and memorable casting experience.

Where To Buy TVFix Caster

The best and safest place to buy this device is from their official website. This would ensure you get a genuine product and avoid scams as well. Additionally, you would get to enjoy any package and discounts offered by the seller.

Do not worry about security as all your payment information is protected by 256-Bit SSL encryption. To make your purchase easy and stress-free, a lot of payment options have been made available for you.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

The seller is willing to allow you 30 days to try this product out.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the TVFix caster, you can return it and request a full refund (less S&H). Once this is done within 30 days of purchase, your money will be refunded fully assuming the product is in good shape.

Frequently Asked Questions – TVFix caster Reviews

How long does shipping take?

It varies and greatly depend on your location. It might take up to two weeks, though some customers have voiced their complaints about delayed shipping.

Anyways, after purchase a tracking code will be sent to you so that you can monitor the progress of shipping.

Does It need WiFi to work?

Yes. The TVFix caster is connected to your smartphone through wifi. That way you can wirelessly stream your favorite shows and programs on TV at such high quality.

Is this device secure?

Security alongside quality is the pride and joy of TVFix caster. So yes, this device is very secure unlike many other casters.

Would I pay for anything else on checkout?

Nope. You just pay for the device and you are good to go. Nothing more.

Would I pay monthly bills with TVFix caster?

Absolutely not. TVFix caster is a one-time payment, you only pay while buying. You can forever scrap cable bills off your budget list. All you need for an exciting cinematic memory is your television, smartphone, and TVFix caster.

TVFix caster Reviews – Conclusion

Hurray! You reached the end of this TVFix caster review. At this point, you are well aware of all the benefits you stand to gain if you buy a TVFix caster. Life isn’t meant to be difficult and TVFix caster is here to make it easier.

With TVFix caster you will enjoy your shows and games seamlessly on your TV screen with good quality. At the same time, you’re removing cable bills from your budget. How amazing is that?

Smart TVs are in vogue now but not everyone can afford it. Allow TVFix caster make your regular TV a smart one.

In my opinion, this is one of the best buys you will make and i feel you will not regret making that decision.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: TvFix Caster is currently on an ongoing promo where you can get the device for 50% OFF. That is just $39.99.

This is on a first come first serve basis as there are limited supplies, so at the time of you reading this, the promo might already be over.

This ongoing discount plus the no-risk 30-day return policy means this product is probably flying off the shelves right now.

Click the button to check if this discount is still available and hopefully you’ll be able to take advantage of it before it ends.

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